One Piece Chapter 850


FRONT PAGE REQUEST: A snake and smoker, two heavy smokers, were kicked out and are now sitting outside in a smoking area.


The capital of Whole Cake Island: Screams are heard from several houses, as Chopper and Carrot can be seen in the mirrors, who have taken the unconscious Charlotte Brûlée hostage and are now looking for a mirror that leads to the castle.

Meanwhile at Sanji’s: The Cook has cooked for his fiancée and now wants to go to her place to eat with her.

At the same time, Luffy is loudly rioting in his prison to get free. As he reveals to Nami, he’d rather rip off both his hands right now than have to sit idle any longer!

Meanwhile in the courtyard: Pedro, bounty 382 million berry, and Tamago, bounty 429 million berry, have started a fight, which seems to be even. In the process, however, Pedro recalls how he once first encountered Big Mom’s band of pirates and robbed Tamago of his eye in battle. For this, he and his then-partner Zepo were personally captured by Charlotte Linlin. Through her “roulette” it was decided that the Nox pirates would have to sacrifice 100 years of life in return for this loss, which is why Linlin unceremoniously sucked Zepo’s life out, which would have lasted another 30 years. Pedro was to provide the remaining 70 years, which Big Mom reduced to 60 through Pekom’s intervention. However, since Pedro was not allowed to die in this place, he suddenly ripped out his eye to sacrifice it in place of his life, which amused Big Mom greatly. Therefore, she only took 50 years from the Jaguar Mink, leaving him with a minimum amount of time to live. Back in the present, Tamago now wants to know how Pedro could be so crazy to return. The latter answers that the Straw Hat Pirates are the ones who will change the world and that he was waiting for them back then. Back then, he couldn’t die until he helped these people. Now that he can, he has no regrets about giving the rest of his life away. However, in doing so, Pedro also emphasizes that he will not die here and now, but only after the Straw Hats’ goal is achieved. With these words, he leaps forward and splits Tamago in half with his sword!

Back at Sanji’s, Pudding’s door refuses to let him in, saying that the bride is very busy at the moment. Annoyed by this, Sanji remembers that Pudding’s room has a balcony, through which he now wants to enter. Through the window he discovers his fiancée as well, but the injured Reiju is also present. Horrified, Sanji has to realize that his lover has a third eye on her forehead and is just showing his sister her plan with a diabolical laugh. Thus, she had never intended to marry Sanji, but had only feigned her love for him in order to make the Germa 66 believe that Big Mom wanted an alliance with them. Instead, however, as Pudding also secretly whispered to Luffy and Nami, the entire Vinsmoke family would be shot during the ceremony so that Big Mom could take over their technology and, more importantly, the clone army!!!!


  • The food Sanji prepared for Pudding consists of the Straw Hat Pirates’ favorite dishes: Meat (Luffy), white rice (Zoro), oranges (Nami), seasonal fish (Usopp), spicy seafood pasta (Sanji), chocolate (Chopper), sandwiches (Robin), hamburgers (Franky), and curry (Brook).
  • The title alludes to the fact that there is no “light at the end of the tunnel” for Sanji, as stated in the chapter’s outro (“For him (according to Kanji: the world), there is no longer even a ray of light (according to Kanji: spark of hope)”).
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