One Piece Chapter 848


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates in red coats in a snowy forest.


In Charlotte Linlin’s library: The members of Big Mom’s pirate gang are amused by Luffy’s announcement to their captain. However, a son of the empress named Anglais arrives and reports that there is an intruder in the treasure chamber, which causes Linlin’s mood to change again, as she fears for her Tamatebako.

Meanwhile in Sanji’s room: The Cook is still struggling with his decision to turn his back on his previous life for the protection of his friends, but in the end encourages himself to get involved in the wedding in order not to make Pudding sad again.

Meanwhile, this same girl is told that Nami was given part of Big Mom’s Vivre Card by Lola, which makes her think back to her beloved sister….

At the same time Pedro storms through the corridors of the castle, pursued by dozens of soldiers, who can do nothing against the Mink. After a short time, however, Charlotte Smoothie understands that Pedro must be a decoy, who is only supposed to distract the guards from a second intruder, who has meanwhile locked himself in the treasure chamber, taking advantage of the confusion. As Tamago tells her, she should only guard the entrance to it, but not make any attempts to kill the straw hat, as Linlin would surely want a living skeleton for her collection.

Inside the treasure chamber is actually Brook, along with some soldiers. Since he has learned from Pedro that they are only alive because of alien souls, which were stolen by Big Mom by means of her devil powers, he reveals to his opponents that he is not called “Soul King” for nothing. Accordingly, beings controlled by their souls wouldn’t stand a chance against his own devil powers!

Meanwhile, Pudding has also visited the library to speak with Luffy and Nami. She asks her guard brother Charlotte Opera to be undisturbed, after which she apologizes to her new friends. As she reports while doing so, she has no plans to marry Sanji! Instead, she whispers her plan to the rubber boy and the navigator, which seems to shock them both! She then takes her leave, crying…

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