One Piece Chapter 847


Front Page Request: Rebecca and the Tontatta Dwarves celebrate Kyros’ birthday.


In the mirror world of Charlotte Brûlées: The eighth daughter of the Charlotte family seems to have managed to snatch Chopper and Carrot, now wanting to make soup out of the latter. Chopper’s secret plan is therefore to transform into his monster form at just the right moment…

Meanwhile, at Big Mom’s castle. The Empress has taken the Vinsmoke family to her library, where she wants to show them what her son Charlotte Mont d’Or does with extremely rare specimens of various species. This is how the latter can imprison creatures in books by means of his devilish powers, so that they will never be lost to Charlotte Linlin. During her remarks, Vinsmoke Judge remarks that he has yet to see a giant in Totto Land, which seems to anger his hostess. At that moment, however, it is reported to the pirate that Luffy and Nami have been captured as requested.

They are accompanied by Mont d’Or, Galette, Opera, Perospero and Bobbin in another room, where Big Mom calls at that moment. Hearing her voice, Luffy immediately rages, though Linlin immediately reveals to him that she will let him and his companions live if they keep quiet until the wedding is over. She further reports that she discovered the Tamatebako in the treasures of Fish-Man Island, which were once left to her by Luffy, which amuses her greatly. Because of the festive occasion, she says she wants to open the Fishmen’s National Treasure at her tea party! Following this news, Linlin finally asks Nami where she got the Vivre Card, to which Nami tells her about her friendship with Lola. To this, Big Mom reacts surprisingly angrily, saying that she never forgave her daughter for running away once, as she was apparently scheduled for a wedding that would have given her victory over the other emperors. The captain is then interrupted by the screaming Luffy, who throws back at her that he will be the only one to win in the end!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the castle. Tamago runs excitedly through the corridors, as it has been confirmed that Pedro is on the island. This also gets Brook, who now wants to give a very special concert…

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