One Piece Chapter 846


Front-page recap by Eiichiro Oda: Luffy and Chopper have a picnic with some rabbits, birds, and a striped pig. The cover is a tribute to Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro (note: needs link), the mangaka of Toriko (note: needs link), who published his final chapter in the same Weekly Shōnen Jump issue. A 3 and a 9 can be seen, which are spelled san and kyu in Japanese, resulting in さんきゅー, Sankyu. This stands for the English “Thank You”, in Japanese さんきゅー(サンキュー). The five birds pictured also form a message, as in Japanese they form toriko and torigo respectively (bird means tori and five means go). The striped pig that Chopper is sitting on represents Shimabukuro himself. His nickname is Shima-Boo. Shima means stripes and Boo is the onomatopoeic sound for a pig’s grunt in Japan. Oda also uses this nickname for Shimabukuro in the author comment section in this issue. The rabbits are on the cover because these are Shimabukuro’s favorite animals.


Outside the capital of Whole Cake Island: The “Army of Wrath” sent by Charlotte Linlin to avenge Charlotte Cracker is still relentlessly attacking Luffy. While the latter has so far been able to successfully repel the dozens of attackers in his raging fury, Nami attempts to manipulate the thunderclouds summoned by Big Mom, impressing even Charlotte Galette. Elsewhere, Amande takes on BOhm, whom she believes to be a traitor. At the same time, Luffy confronts Charlotte Mont d’Or and Charlotte Opera, who surprise him with unusual devil powers. After the rubber boy has managed to defeat almost all of the ordinary warriors in Big Mom’s army and is about to counterattack against the Empress’ two sons, two big, burly warriors suddenly appear and deal him a devastating blow. It is then that Amande understands that the advantage of the two Straw Hats must be that Nami is carrying part of Linlin’s Vivre Card. Therefore, before the navigator can stop it, she steals the piece of paper, whereupon it is revealed that she got it from Lola. Thinking that the Straw Hat Pirates might have done something to her sister, the enemy forces fret that they were ordered to bring Luffy to their captain alive. The latter, however, is still trying to stay put despite his injuries….

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Sanji has just asked Big Mom to let his friends go, as he will now willingly go along with the wedding, which Charlotte Linlin surprisingly grants him without resistance. As long as he doesn’t try to escape and doesn’t plot, she’ll overlook Luffy’s insults!

Meanwhile, in another room, Tamago has sought out Charlotte Smoothie, the 14th daughter of the Charlotte family and one of the Candy Commanders, to request an increase in security. He reasons that he believes Pedro of the Minks tribe may have infiltrated the island again, which can only mean he is trying to steal the Poneglyph, three of which are already on Whole Cake by now! Unnoticed, Brook has overheard the entire conversation, which he now tells Pedro about. In view of the fact that they seem to have been seen through by Tamago, Pedro sees no chance of getting the Road Poneglyph. In Brook’s opinion, however, they can’t do without a copy of it if they ever want to make Luffy the Pirate King, which is why a fight to the finish will be inevitable. Further, he stresses that they will never be able to enter the island unnoticed like this again, certainly not with their entire crew. This is their only chance, which Pedro equates to their demise. Since Tamago seems to have it in for Pedro, Brook blatantly asks the Jaguar Mink if he’d be willing to take the bait: The latter responds that he just had the exact same idea…!

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