One Piece Chapter 844


Front page request: Sugar cooks grape jam with a pack of wolves.


Whole Cake Island: Sanji still faces Luffy and tries to make him understand that he feels more comfortable with Big Mom’s pirate gang than with the Straw Hats. The rubber boy, of course, still doesn’t believe a word his Cook says, whereupon he uses his Diable Jambe. With a powerful Joue Shoot, Sanji kicks his opponent in the face, with Luffy making no effort to fight back. Sanji also notices this after the Straw Hat Captain is flung away, but intercepts himself and simply stands still. Therefore, the boss continues to attack his opponent with increasingly violent kicks in an attempt to get him to retreat, however Luffy takes each attack without resistance. When Nami speaks up to finally talk some sense into Sanji, her captain forbids her to interfere, saying he has no intention of fighting his friend. In response, Sanji leaps high into the air and launches into a devastating concasser, which eventually brings even Luffy to his knees. Ultimately, as the third son of the Vinsmoke family tries to get back into his carriage, he is stopped by Nami, who slaps him across the face, followed by a cynical apology to the now nobleman. As the carriage starts to move again, Luffy gets up again and yells after Sanji that he is a terrible liar and that not a word he says is true, which is why he won’t get rid of him so easily. Furthermore, Luffy is sure that Sanji felt more pain with each of his kicks than he did, which slowly brings tears to the Cook’s eyes. As punishment, the rubber boy now wants to go on a hunger strike, as he doesn’t want anything to eat that hasn’t been prepared by his cook: He intends to stay put until Sanji returns, even if it means starving to death. Crying harder and harder, Sanji is finally forced to listen to Luffy say that he can’t become Pirate King without his friend. While the carriage has already moved away, Sanji can no longer hold back his tears…

Manga volumesWhole Cake Island Arc (Manga)

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