One Piece Chapter 843


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates: The color pages refer to the April 14, 2016 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes in Kumamoto, because Kumamoto is the birthplace of Eiichiro Oda. The Straw Hat Pirates stands in front of Kumamoto Castleone of the three most significant castles in Japan. The pirates’ clothing features many motifs and allusions to bears, as kuma means bear in Japanese.


In the Wondrous Forest: Luffy’s final attack on Charlotte Cracker has hit him so hard that the candy commander is hurled all the way to the capital of Whole Cake Island. There he is found by his siblings Mont d’Or, Charlotte Galette and Charlotte Opera, who immediately declare a red alert.

Back with Luffy and Nami, the former is just starting to shrink again as he can burn calories extremely fast after using Gear 4. At this moment, Pound reveals that this first victory will not make the situation any easier. He says that when the fourth commander was defeated during Urouge’s stay, Big Mom summoned a massive storm out of anger. This ability naturally makes Nami sit up and take notice, whereupon Pound goes on to report that Charlotte Linlin can manipulate the weather. She controls the thundercloud “Zeus” with her left hand and the sun “Prometheus” with her right hand. Finally, in order not to lose any more time, Nami orders Baum to take her to Big Mom’s castle as soon as possible.

On the way there, Chopper and Carrot suddenly report through a shard of glass that they have not yet found a way out of Charlotte Brûlée’s mirror world and therefore cannot support their nakama for the time being. The party then unexpectedly encounters the Vinsmokes’ carriage, which Luffy of course immediately rushes towards with glee. Seeing Sanji there, he immediately wants to tell his Cook what happened the last days, but meanwhile he remembers the words of Judge, as well as Vito, which reminds him of the danger for everyone he knows. Therefore he suddenly gives the completely perplexed Luffy a hard kick in the face. He then tells the downed Straw Hat Captain to go away again. He is a prince of the Kingdom of Germa, he says, and as such he can live a royal life with a beautiful woman instead of continuing to roam the seas with filthy criminals. Luffy, of course, doesn’t want to believe these words, which is why Yonji rises to rectify the situation. Sanji, however, rebuffs him, saying that he will personally see to it that the invaders are returned to where they belong….

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