One Piece Chapter 842


Front Page Request: Sanji tangles a catfish’s whiskers like Zeff’s beard.


In the Wondrous Forest: The full-figured Luffy is still facing Charlotte Cracker, who is angry about the unsuccessfulness of his attacks. While the latter is upset that Big Mom’s homies can’t attack Nami, the latter keeps creating rain over the Candy Commander’s cookie soldiers. This makes them soft and weak so they can be eaten by Luffy. However, the latter realizes during the next batch of Cracker’s cookies that he is slowly reaching his limits….

Meanwhile in the city: Some residents talk about seeing two figures in their mirror last night. As it turns out, they are Chopper and Carrot, who are being pursued in the mirror world by Charlotte Brûlée…

At the same time in the kingdom of Germa: As Vinsmoke Judge is reported, it is time to head to Charlotte Linlin’s castle to exchange wedding gifts. All preparations have now been made, whereupon the royal family sets off in a carriage…

Back at Luffy’s place, he sees no chance to eat more cookies. Of course, Cracker notices this too, so he finally wants to finish the rubber boy off with his sword. While he attacks, however, Luffy uses Gear 4 again, but in doing so he transforms into another form: the “Tankman”. This causes his stuffed body to inflate into a large sphere, which the Straw Hat Captain also reinforces with Haki. When Cracker finally tries to ram his weapon into his opponent, he finds that he cannot break through the hard armor, but instead sinks into the now even more elastic rubber body. Thus now trapped, he cannot defend himself against Luffy’s latest technique: the gum-gum cannonball! Flung hard from it, the 10th son of the Charlotte family flies violently through the remaining cookie soldiers, seemingly ending the fight….

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