One Piece Chapter 841


Front side request: Some goats are chewing on Whitebeard’s white beard.


The Kingdom of Germa, 6 months after little Sanji was locked in the dungeon by his father. While the palace cooks wonder why they have to deliver so many special dishes to the dungeon, Sanji remembers how he once became passionate about cooking. It was then, against the guards protecting him, that he went into the city alone and during a storm, with only a food package with him. As it turns out, he was visiting his sick mother in the hospital to bring her some food. For safety reasons, the nurse tasted the homemade dish for now, finding that it tasted awful. Sanji was ashamed of his lack of talent, however, his mother found the creation to be delicious. Since then, she always wanted to be cooked by her boy. Back in his cell, Sanji therefore continues to educate himself about cooking, learning about the fabled Allblue among other things. One day, however, his three brothers also find out that he is not dead at all, but merely hidden, and so invade his dungeon, beating Sanji half to death. This angers Reiju very much, who, however, watches idly out of fear. As she later suggests to Sanji, the genetic mutation works differently on everyone. So she got superpowers, but kept her humanity, which was lost in Ichiji, Niji and Yonji. As she further reveals, the Germa Kingdom is currently climbing the East Blue to take it. As the Germa 66 attack the city of Cozia, Reiju helps her brother escape, but he runs into his father, Vinsmoke Judge. To his horror, his father doesn’t want to stop him, but tells him that he only locked him up because he couldn’t manage to kill him. But since Sanji now wants to escape of his own free will, this is the perfect solution to get rid of his failure. Judge does set one condition, however, when he forbids his son from ever associating his origins with the Vinsmoke family, as he is the only thing Judge has ever been ashamed of. At these words, even Reiju, who is secretly listening, is forced to cry for the first time. A little while later, the two siblings finally find themselves outside the kingdom on the battlefield, with Reiju wanting Sanji to sneak onto one of the fleeing ships. He then says that he must never return, and that if he does, he will eventually find someone who will treat him the way he deserves…

Back in the present, the badly battered and badly injured Sanji is still lying on the ground. His brothers are already gone, only Reiju stands by his side…

Meanwhile, in the Wondrous Forest, the battle between Luffy and Charlotte Cracker has been going on for eleven hours. It is learned that Luffy has taken to the strategy of simply eating everything Cracker creates out of cookies in order to drain the latter’s stamina through the constant use of his devil powers. Both opponents are already battered, however Luffy resolutely counters his enemy that it will take significantly more than that to keep him away from Sanji…!

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