One Piece Chapter 840


Front Page Request: Chopper eats out of honey pots with Bepo, Kumashi, Hiking Bear, and Bartholomew Kuma like Winnie the Pooh (franchise).


In a locked room of the Kingdom of Germa: Sanji and Yonji are still standing in front of the dozens of tanks that seem to contain people. As the latter reports, their father was once one of the world’s greatest scientists and a member of a secret research group, which included the now world-famous Dr. Vegapunk! Together they experimented on human genetics and one day decoded the blueprint of life itself! The world government feared this vast, god-like power, and so had Vegapunk imprisoned; Judge, however, escaped and finished the work alone. The men Sanji now saw before him were therefore clones, based on a few carefully selected soldiers. They themselves knew nothing of their clone-ness, however, they were strong, fearless, and programmed for absolute loyalty and sacrifice, making them the perfect army. When Yonji further reveals that it only takes five years to create 20-year-old clones, Sanji interrupts him, saying that this research disgusts him. At that point, Niji and Ichiji join in as well, making the Cook even angrier. Without a second’s hesitation, he attacks the former with a powerful kick to get revenge for Cosette, which sends the second son of the Vinsmoke family hard into a wall. As he goes to continue, however, Niji gets behind him at breakneck speed and delivers his “Henry Needle” electric attack. Brought to his knees by this for the moment, Sanji remembers his childhood:

Many years ago, Judge used his knowledge to endow his five children with supernatural powers so that they could one day lead the Germa 66 army. All they had to do was train for a while, after which their abilities would become apparent. During this training, however, it becomes apparent that only Sanji’s siblings’ resistance and speed increase day by day, but he himself remains a normal boy. Hence, he keeps getting beaten up by his brothers while Judge gradually realizes that his third son seems to be a “failure”. Finally, he decides to announce the supposed death of his third born. In order to hide the truth, Sanji is put in an iron mask and the little boy is locked in the dungeon. As one of the soldiers tells him, Vinsmoke Judge wants to draw a line in this way and start again as if Sanji had never been born…


  • In Sanji’s room, there is a copy of The Book of Devil Fruit. In the same panel he is reading the storybook Noland the Liar.
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