One Piece Chapter 838


From the Ship Decks of the World – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 25 “Shanks finds himself in the ruins of an island at a wedding where he reads about the new bounties.”


In the Wondrous Forest: Charlotte Cracker is down after Luffy’s attack, at which point the Straw Hat Captain launches another Gum Gum Kong Gun. This seemingly shatters the commander’s body, whereupon, however, a figure emerges from within it and cuts Luffy’s arm with a sword. To Luffy’s confusion, a much smaller and slimmer person now stands before him, who introduces himself as the real Charlotte Cracker. As the latter continues to report, he once ate of the cookie fruit, which allowed him to produce vast quantities of cookies. He further says that he learned to work these to perfection, enabling him to model “cookie soldiers”, hiding in one of them to be safe from the world government. In order to finally defeat Luffy, he therefore now creates several of these giants, to which the rubber boy responds with a Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ, which Cracker in turn counters with his attack “Honey Pretzel”!

Meanwhile, in Charlotte Brûlée’s mirror world, Chopper has realized that his and Carrot’s prison is connected to every mirror Whole Cake Island has. Therefore, he now wants to use Brûlée’s devil power against her himself.

Meanwhile, in the capital, Brook and Pedro have hidden inside a soldier who has come to life, allowing them to enter the castle undetected.

The next morning, Charlotte asks Linlin on her throne about the state of affairs: She is told that preparations are nearly complete and the wedding can take place the next day. When she asks, she is also told that the two missing Vinsmoke sons have finally arrived.

The Kingdom of Germa behind Whole Cake Island: Vinsmoke Judge’s second son, Niji Vinsmoke, and his older brother, Ichiji Vinsmoke, have just entered the port…


  • Carrot calls Chopper “Choniki”, a portmanteau of his name Chopper and Aniki (Japanese for “big brother”).
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