One Piece Chapter 836


From the ship decks of the world – The 500,000,000 man, part 23 “Aokiji on an island”.


In the Wondrous Forest: At the words of the tall, buried man, Nami remembers Pudding’s story about one of her sisters who once went off on her own to find a husband without her mother’s interference. This in turn brings to mind Lola, who once reported coming from the New World, where her mother was a powerful pirate. Putting all this together, the navigator finally realizes that Big Mom must be that very mother, and the strange man before her is accordingly Lola’s father. Before the Straw Hats can even think about it, however, Randolph attacks again. This attack is interrupted, however, by a shout from Charlotte Cracker, who is furious at the mess in the forest.

As Luffy finds out, even the creatures of the forest are afraid of Charlotte Linlin’s tenth son, when her daughter Charlotte Brûlée joins them again. At her side, moreover, is a giant monster tree, which introduces itself as BOhm, the Lord of the Forest. As the mirror woman continues to reveal, Chopper has also landed in her mirror world.

This, of course, angers Luffy tremendously, whereas Cracker wants to take advantage of the situation to get rid of his prisoner first. However, Luffy blocks the Biscuits Minister’s sword blow, thereby freeing Lola’s father. Together with Nami, the strange man, who now introduces himself as Pound, wants to escape for the time being, when the navigator brings out the Vivre Card Big Moms to tell Pound everything she now knows. Unknowingly, however, she thereby ensures that she is no longer pursued by the creatures of the forest, as they sense in the Vivre Card the powerful soul of Charlotte Linlin.

Unimpressed by this, Cracker speaks up again, wanting to prevent Big Mom and the Germa 66 from being disturbed by Luffy and company at all costs. In an unclear manner, he grows six extra arms and confronts the Straw Hat Captain for battle. The latter, despite Nami’s warning, sees no other way to escape but to fight Cracker. The Candy Commander is also called “Thousand Arms” and has a bounty of 860 million berries…!

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