One Piece Chapter 835


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates eating ice cream with some penguins and a polar bear.


Chocolat Town: It is reported off-screen that every resident of Totto Land is asked a question every six months: To go or to live…

Meanwhile, in the Wondrous Forest: Luffy is still in despair over the many duplicates of his friends, who also only make animal noises. When he notices that one of the Namis can speak, however, he recognizes her as his real navigator and therefore unties her. She then tells him about her encounter with Charlotte Brûlée shortly before: the latter was about to disfigure her face when she was able to pull out her climate stick just in time to free herself. As a result, Carrot immediately launched an attack, which, however, was thrown back at her. Brûlée explained this with the Mirror Fruit she once ate from, which allowed her to reflect all blows against her. However, when Carrot was not intimidated by this, Charlotte Linlin’s daughter abruptly created a sort of small mirror world of her own, in which she unceremoniously captured the bunny mink. She further revealed that Big Mom had known about the Straw Hat Pirates’s infiltration from the beginning, which is why they should now be kept away from Sanji at all costs. Hearing this, Chopper transformed into his monster form to hold off the superior number of enemies, while Nami fled to find Luffy. Reunited with the latter, she now wants to know from the oversized man in the ground what is happening in this forest in the first place. After a short persuasion, he finally starts to tell the truth about Big Mom’s world: Thus, he says, the Empress has the powers of the Soul Fruit, through which she can extract the soul, or part of it, of any living creature. Every six months the inhabitants of Totto Land are asked if they want to stay, for which they have to pay a kind of duty in the form of a part of their soul. By doing so, they lose a month of their total lifespan each time. Linlin, in turn, uses these soul pieces to bring all the animals and objects of the archipelago into being, to “humanize” them. When asked by Luffy, he further reveals that the duplicates are not created by this power, however, but by the abilities of Charlotte Brûlée, who can use the mirror fruit to transform animals into images of humans, among other things. He himself, in turn, is here because he was once one of Big Mom’s men, but was banished by her after having two daughters. After providing the two straw hats with this important information, a large man suddenly appears behind him and pulls him out of the ground. This one, the tenth son of the Charlotte family, Charlotte Cracker, is horrified that his relative is working with the enemies, whereupon the latter asks to at least see his daughter Chiffon once more, as she is said to have married. At that moment, Nami notices an enormous resemblance to Lola….

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