One Piece Chapter 834


From the ship decks of the world – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 22 “Amazon Lily”


Near the capital of Whole Cake Island: The Shark Submerge 3 has dropped anchor, whereupon Brook and Pedro have mingled, hooded. There, they overhear conversations as the residents joke that Jinbe recently backed out of fear with his request to break away from Big Mom’s alliance. While Brook can use this information to understand why the “Knight of the Sea” was once so timid about joining the Straw Hats, Pedro has located a window through which Baron Tamago can be seen. The latter is overseeing the selection of a wedding gown for Charlotte Pudding, which in turn reveals to Brook and Pedro that the princess could never have appeared at the appointed meeting place. Before they can even think about it, Tamago is approached by some soldiers who inform him that Pekoms could not be found on the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship. Moreover, four of the six remaining intruders are trapped in the “Wondrous Forest”. Brook and Pedro are shocked that they seem to have been told off from the start when Tamago mentions that he knows one of the remaining two, the jaguar mink Pedro, so he already has an idea where to find him. The top priority for the soldiers, however, is to locate Pekoms so he can seek forgiveness from Big Mom, he says.

Meanwhile, on the northeast coast of the island: Capone “Gang” Bege has gathered with his crew on a steep slope, including the woman who bore such a strong resemblance to Lola, the 22nd daughter of the Charlotte family and Bege’s wife, Charlotte Chiffon, as well as their son Capone “Gang” Petz. At the edge of the cliff, on the other hand, stands the tied-up Pekoms, whom Capone now wants to dispose of completely. Without hesitating any longer, the pirate captain shoots the lion mink, which then falls into the shark-infested sea below!

Meanwhile, at Big Moms Castle, the Empress has summoned Caesar Clown, whom she asks if she has not always generously funded his research. According to her, she did so in order to fulfill her dream of one day being able to be with her entire, large family on equal terms. At this moment, Caesar thinks back to his experiments regarding giant growth, which he could not control and therefore believes it impossible to achieve Big Mom’s goal. However, out of fear, he lies that his work was close to completion and only the attack by Straw Hat Luffy and Trafalgar Law and the destruction it caused thwarted their joint plans. Now that the World Government’s state-of-the-art research facility had been destroyed, however, he would not be able to repeat his research. To Crown’s dismay, however, Big Mom reassures him that she has already had an exact replica of Punk Hazard’s facilities built by her first son, Charlotte Perospero. She would therefore give the scientist two weeks to deliver the desired giant growth agent. In the event of his failure, her son has Crown’s heart in his possession….

At the same time in the Wondrous Forest: Luffy is still running wild to get back to the coast and thus to the Thousand Sunny, but keeps ending up with the oversized man in the ground. To make matters worse, he now also has to realize that dozens of Namis, Choppers, Sanjis and Carrots have already appeared…!

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