One Piece Chapter 833


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates watching colorful fireworks.


In the Kingdom of Germa, behind Whole Cake Island: Some men come rushing in, having learned that Sanji and Judge have indeed engaged in a duel. This is also already in full swing, with Judge deflecting Sanji’s kicks using a large spear. During the fight he remembers his childhood with his three brothers: They often beat him up, considering his passion for cooking for others unworthy of a noble. His father tolerated this, as he too considered his third son far too weak to be a true member of the Vinsmoke family as well as Germa 66. Using his special shoes, Judge finally catapults himself into the air to attack Sanji from there with his spear. The latter uses his Collier Shoot, which his father is able to deflect and counter with his technique “Denji Crack”, in which he electrifies his feet. Thereupon he hurls his son away with his attack “Blaster”. Finally, he tries to end the fight with an electric spear attack called “Denji Shaft”, where Sanji again uses his Poêle à Frire Spectre. However, at the Germa chief’s command, several men suddenly place themselves between the two opponents, confusing Sanji. This prevents him from countering his father’s attack, who ruthlessly sacrifices one of his subordinates and hits the Cook hard. After this defeat, Sanji is tended to by Reiju, who puts two bracelets on him in the process. At this point, Judge also rejoins and explains to his third son that these bracelets work like the exploding necklaces of the world’s aristocrats. If he wants to keep his hands, which are so precious to him, he will have to enter the wedding…

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