One Piece Chapter 832


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates in swimming outfits. The boat Franky, Robin and Usopp are in reads “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”.


On the southwest coast of Whole Cake Islands: Nami, Chopper and Carrot have understood that they are not safe in this strange forest and therefore try to hurry back to the coast. In the process, they are pursued by the rabbit creature that attacked them earlier. After a short confrontation with their opponent, who answers to the name Randolph, Carrot can at least rule out that it is a Mink. Arriving back at the oversized man sunken into the ground, the three encounter the two battling Luffys, with one of them immediately following at their heels. However, after they have jumped over the river of the talking giant crocodile and should see the Thousand Sunny in front of them shortly after, they suddenly stand in front of the man in the ground again. More than confused by this, they try to escape again, but with the same result. That’s when Nami realizes that they are surrounded by living trees, which keep redirecting their path. Before she can react, however, the navigator is grabbed by Luffy, who then changes shape and reveals himself to be the previous image of the real Straw Hat. Behind this is Charlotte Brûlée, the 8th daughter of the Charlotte family! Looking at Nami’s beauty, she points out a big scar on her face and the accompanying urge to mutilate beautiful faces…

Meanwhile, behind Big Mom’s castle: The Germa 66 ship arrives at the port of a smaller kingdom built on the coast of Whole Cake Island. In the castle there resides the Vinsmoke family, which once ruled over all of the Northblue, but now no longer owns land of their own, instead going to sea on dozens of ships. Only this small area is left of their former kingdom of Germa. Sanji also comes ashore with the ship, accompanied by his sister Reiju. To her, he gushes about how he wants nothing to do with his former family and that his father is a madman. Just then, Vinsmoke Judge enters the room to see his lost son. Sanji, however, only replies to this attempt at conversation that if he has to admit to having a father, it certainly won’t be him. Reacting to this, Judge now wants to settle the situation outside with his fists…

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