One Piece Chapter 830


From the Ship Decks of the World – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 20 “Sabaody Archipelago”


A few hours before Big Mom and Jinbe meet: The Whale Shark Fishman has called his crew together to talk to them about Luffy. He explains that he firmly believes that the Straw Hat Captain will change the world and rule the sea. He would like to support him in this, with his life if necessary. That’s when his vice Aladine speaks up: to his captain’s surprise, he is absolutely in favor of Jinbe pursuing his ambition. Likewise, the rest of the Sun Pirates supports him, knowing that it was only for the protection of all the fish people that he once went from soldier to pirate, joined the Seven Samurai, and joined Big Mom, never thinking of himself for what it was finally time for. This enormous respect leaves Jinbe speechless. However, at that moment, the Hammerhead Shark Half-Mermaid Charlotte Praline shows up, which is Aladine’s wife! She angrily asks her husband if he will leave her if the talks with the empress don’t go well, but the vice-captain denies it. At that point, the mermaid also reveals that she values Aladine over her mother and will stay with him in the event of a fight. Jinbe wants to take advantage of the situation to ask Praline how likely she thinks his decision will incur Big Mom’s wrath. To which the 29th daughter of Charlotte Linlin replies that several before him have tried to break away from her, but none lived to see another day after that.

Meanwhile, on Whole Cake Island, while Charlotte Moscato’s lifeless body is being removed under the shocked eyes of the residents, Jinbe has already made his request to Linlin. The Empress is incensed by his request and thus demands an equal loss of Jinbe for the loss of Charlotte’s family and the shame he brought upon them. In return, she has brought the “roulette”, which is to decide what Jinbe “loses”….

Meanwhile in the waters off the island: Luffy and the others are stuck because, as Pedro explains to them, the temperatures of Totto Land drop so much at night that the sea freezes. To make matters worse, they’ve apparently just been attacked by a horde of ravenous ants, which they’ve managed to eliminate for the time being. When Pedro says that his ship was once completely destroyed by those same ants, Luffy finally wants to know more about the Jaguar Mink’s past. Then he starts to tell that he once sailed the seas as an explorer, but the world government considered him a pirate and therefore put a bounty on his head. During his travels, he met Pekoms, after which the two sailed on together. Their goal was to find Poneglyph and bring him to their two rulers, however their quest ended in Big Mom’s territory where he was devastated. As he continues, it shocked him to hear that the Straw Hats were shown Zou’s shrine, the Road Poneglyph. This last happened 26 years ago when Gold Roger himself was on the island. Apparently his masters saw similarities in Luffy and therefore trust him, which is what Pedro wants to do. Much like Nico Robin’s request, Pedro suggests using their stay on Whole Cake Island to steal Big Mom’s road Poneglyph, since they’ll need it at the latest after Kaidou falls. To do this, he asks Luffy to let him handle the task so his crew can focus on rescuing Sanji. To restore his trust, Luffy readily agrees to this plan!

The next morning, Luffy and company finally reach Charlotte Linlin’s headquarters. On the shore, the Straw Hat sees someone standing…


  • In the Weekly Shōnen Jump chapter, Praline is introduced as Big Mom’s 29th daughter. However, in volume 87, this is corrected to the 21st daughter.
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