One Piece Chapter 829


Color Spread for One Piece Film Gold featuring the Straw Hat Pirates, Gild Tesoro, Baccarat, Tanaka-san, Dice, Carina, Rob Lucci, Raise Max and Sabo.


After Pekoms disappears without a trace, Luffy and company set off without him to reach the meeting point on Whole Cake Island using Pudding’s map. After a short time, they spot the first island, Jam, which they sail around. There a giant centipede attacks them…

Meanwhile, on Whole Cake Island: Apparently Charlotte Linlin is having a devastating tantrum because she wasn’t served Croquembouche immediately as she requested. In the process, she races across the land, destroying or eating everything in her path until she finally reaches the capital city of Sweet City. Even there, nothing is safe from her fury, which is why the population flees in panic. That’s when her 16th son Moscato confronts her in an attempt to calm her down, but the Empress inexplicably deprives him of 40 years of life, thus eliminating him. At that moment, Jinbe suddenly appears on the scene, carrying the saving Croquembouche. He throws it down Big Mom’s throat, whereupon she is in a good mood again. The fish man then explains that he needs to talk about a serious subject. Linlin suspects that the former samurai of the seas wants to leave their alliance, which enrages her enormously…

Manga volumesWhole Cake Island Arc (Manga)

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