One Piece Chapter 828


From the Ship Decks of the World – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 19 “Fish Man Island”


Cacao, Totto Land: The Straw Hat Pirates has just learned that they are facing Big Mom’s daughter Charlotte Pudding, and thus Sanji’s future wife, which shocks them. Pudding is equally surprised to have run into the Straw Hats, immediately becoming afraid of the pirates. After Nami is able to calm her down and explain her true intentions, Pudding reveals that she too is rather unhappy with her mother deciding the spouses for all her children. She says that the Empress is very stubborn about this, and is mostly concerned with using the marriages to increase the power of her crew. Of all her sisters, only one has gone so far out to find a groom for herself. These words make Nami sit up and take notice. At that moment, however, Brook asks if Big Mom actually has 35 daughters, to which Pudding corrects with 39 daughters and 46 sons by 43 husbands. Upon Chopper’s inquiry, it further turns out that Pudding has met Sanji once before and fell in love with his courteous behavior, manly strength, as well as his cooking skills. Despite all this news, Pedro is still skeptical about whether they can trust Pudding’s secrecy. That’s when the latter starts to draw something, while telling that while she would love to marry Sanji, he replied to her that he couldn’t enter into the marriage, but had to return to his friends. This boundless loyalty fascinates the Straw Hats as much as it does Pudding, which is why she ends up pushing a map she drew herself towards Luffy. It shows a path through the islands of Totto Land to Whole Cake Island, which they might be able to use unnoticed. On the main island, Charlotte Linlin’s daughter wants to meet up with her new acquaintances on the southwest coast.

After Luffy and co. have replenished their supplies, they finally return to the Thousand Sunny. There, however, they can’t find Pekoms, but they can find the message “Turn back”. While everyone else is on edge because of this threat, Luffy thinks things are starting to get interesting….

Meanwhile, on Broc Coli Island, somewhere in the New World: a battle is raging on the island, in which the Germa 66 apparently also takes part. Through their intervention, one side can finally be destroyed after two years of war. While the victors thank their saviors, a man with curled eyebrows is already thinking about his brother’s wedding, which will take place in three days. When he says he’s looking forward to seeing Sanji again, another man with the same eyebrows calls him a liar…

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