One Piece Chapter 827


From the ship decks of the world – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 18 “Kamabakka”


Luffy and co. have finally entered Big Mom’s territory and docked at an island to replenish their supplies. There, Pekoms states that he stole the ship from enemies and would be very grateful to the guards if they did not report his arrival, as he was carrying candy as a surprise for his captain.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper find a city made entirely of chocolate. As Carrot discovers, individuals from different races all over the world have gathered there. Pekoms explains this by saying that Big Mom’s dream is to create a world without discrimination. This she calls the “Land of Ten Thousand.” Her territory so far consists of 34 islands around Whole Cake Island, all ruled by chancellors. This one, he says, is called Cacao. In response to Carrot’s question, he goes on to report that you are allowed to eat any chocolate here, except the roofs; this is a serious crime. Moreover, windows and pillars would be within the purview of other chancellors. To Pekoms’ dismay, Luffy and Chopper have already gone deep into the city, simply eating an entire café. A policeman is already on the scene, who wants to take them to the station, when the two pirates justify their deed by saying that the building was simply far too delicious not to eat. Of course, the officer can’t agree with this when suddenly the owner of the café, who is Charlotte Pudding, shows up with her companions Nitro, the Jell-O, and Rabiyan, the carpet. Surprisingly, however, she saves the two straw hats by stating that they are workers who should dispose of the house before it goes bad.

Pedro, who has also been watching everything, is puzzled by this behavior, when suddenly one of the Minks approaches him, as he seems to know him.

Eventually, everyone makes their way to Pudding’s house, where the young woman reveals that she wanted to save the two pirates because they spoke so well of her chocolate house, which she made herself. Upon her questioning, Luffy begins to tell them who he is, which seems to startle Pudding.

Meanwhile, on Whole Cake Island, everyone is feverishly anticipating the wedding coming up in three days. Many strange-looking characters start dancing, singing and making preparations, until finally Big Mom asks if it’s true that Straw Hat Luffy has finally arrived…

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