One Piece Chapter 825


From the Ship Decks of the World – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 16 “Weatheria”


Aboard Big Mom’s ship: Vito is telling Sanji about the so-called “World Economic Newspaper”, a newspaper that regularly publishes a comic about heroes going to sea, supposedly based on true experiences of real marines. One of these heroes is Sora, who can walk on water and fights Germa 66 along with two companions, a robot and a seagull. Of course, he knows that this is just to make the ideology of the World Government accessible to children, however, he is still a big fan of the series, but has always been on the side of the Germa 66, so he is very excited to finally meet a real member of this group. Sanji responds by saying that he still wants nothing to do with his father’s association and asks Vito to leave his room immediately. Due to this disrespectful behavior, another member of the Fire Tank pirate gang named Gotti suddenly arrives to punish Sanji for it. Before the situation escalates, however, a woman enters the room who bears an extreme resemblance to Lola and admonishes her fellow member for not messing with someone who has such powerful relatives. The Cook is confused, as the woman reminds him of someone….

A few days later on the Thousand Sunny: The weather has changed again, to extreme heat, so that Luffy and Co. have to suffer from hunger and thirst. To procure food, they are fishing when suddenly something pulls on Luffy’s line. Out he carries an oversized fish, which could be the salvation. To be sure, Chopper still wants to look up whether the animal is edible first, but when he returns, Luffy has already started eating the raw fish. Unfortunately for him, the animal’s skin is poisonous, which is why he is incapacitated; only his heightened defenses against poison, from his fight against Magellan, keep him alive at all. At this moment, Pekoms notes that Tamago and his men should have reached their destination in the last few days, which in turn means that the Sunny should have arrived in Big Mom’s territory. That’s when the Den-den Mushi rings, which the Lion Mink reasons is because in each of Charlotte Linlin’s territories, there is a certain species of sea snail just below the surface of the water that checks each incoming ship to see if it belongs. At the same time, a large ship appears off the Sunny, which peccoms mistakes for the scout ship. Before the Straw Hats can hide to remain untouched by means of Pekoms’ presence, however, the craft reveals itself to be the ship of the Germa 66! These have long since recognized the Straw Hat gang, while a young man with a furrowed brow and scowl stares down at them….

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