One Piece Chapter 823


From the ship decks of the world – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 15 “Still not returned to the Boin Archipelago”.
Heracles flies across the sea on a giant beetle.


Off the coast of Arabasta: King Cobra’s ship has just sailed, protected by Hina’s naval unit. While Vivi enjoys the pleasant sea air, her sickly father begins to cough. Chaka offers to turn back, however the Regent wants to Levely at any cost. He reports that since meeting Nico Robin, he wants to know from the World Government what their ancestors did to humanity.

Loguetown: At the birthplace of Gold Roger, Goa’s noble ship has made a stopover. Despite getting the best room in town, King Sterry calls it trash.

Kano Country: While dozens of other regents are on the move, such as in Black Drum or Sakura, people here fear that their masters Chinjao and Sai might not return in time.

Meanwhile, Riku Doldo III is contacted in Dress Rosa by Elizabello II, who wants to travel to Mary Geoise with his old friend. This light-heartedness, as also shown by Viola, Rebecca and Mansherry, does not please the king at all.

There also seem to be problems on Fishmen Island, as Princess Shirahoshi flatly refuses to accompany her father as well as her brothers to the surface, since Luffy promised to personally show her a real forest when they meet again.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the ocean aboard the Thousand Sunny: while Luffy’s companions are still recovering from Zou’s breakneck jump, the rubber boy points out Carrot, who is the only one in a cheerful mood. This makes him realize that Carrot is on board, which shocks Pedro in particular. After some begging, Luffy finally allows the stowaway to travel with them for a first adventure at sea. Pedro then makes his way to the top of the main mast, where a newspaper gull brings him the daily paper. There it is written that the land that existed in secrecy for thousands of years has finally been discovered. The revolutionaries’ headquarters, Baltigo, lies in ruins!!!

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