One Piece Chapter 822


From the Ship Decks of the World – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 14 “Sabaody Archipelago”


On Zunesha’s left front leg: Chopper has bandaged the giant elephant’s injuries, whereupon he begins to wonder where the gigantic beast has been running for 1000 years….

Meanwhile, Momonosuke has revealed to his three protectors in the city that he wants to stay on Zou for a while longer, as he feels the urge to talk to Zunesha to get answers to his many questions. However, since the three samurai urgently need to return to Wano Country, Inuarashi decides to stay in his homeland as well for the time being and join the prince later. This results in four teams, which will meet again on Wano Country after fulfilling their different missions: While Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Zoro, Usopp, Nico Robin, and Franky will immediately leave for Samurai Island, Nekomamushi will go in search of Marco as agreed, whereas Momonosuke will remain with Inuarashi and the other Minks. Ultimately, Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook, and Pekoms leave for Whole Cake Island to face Big Mom and retrieve Sanji.

A little later, when Luffy has returned to the hospital, he finds that it has been completely destroyed by the tremors. Pekoms, however, has survived unscathed because, as he now explains, he ate of the turtle fruit, which allowed him to retreat into a shell that is said to be as hard as diamond.

Elsewhere, Pedro has sought out his master Nekomamushi: he asks him to accompany Luffy’s rescue team so that he too can do something for his benefactor Sanji. Since the “Lord of the Night” nevertheless believes that only Pedro is capable of keeping Pekoms calm, he agrees to this request.

At the same time, Usopp presents Nami with a new invention: This is a new, improved version of her climate clock stick, which he combined with the growth abilities of his Pop Greens. The surface, in turn, came from Franky. As a result, the weapon can now be shrunk to a manageable size and extended again at will. It contains almost all of Weatheria’s scientific achievements.

Finally, at the main entrance to the kingdom of Mokomo, Luffy’s squad and Pedro, who has joined them, are ready to go when Pekoms asks why the Jaguar Mink is accompanying them. To which the latter replies that he is the only one familiar with the Lion Mink’s dispositions. After everyone says their goodbyes and shares a promise to meet again on Wano Country, the Straw Hat Captain suddenly grabs his companions and jumps…

Meanwhile in Arabasta, King Cobra’s ships are being loaded for a voyage. His good-humored daughter, Princess Vivi, is pushing to finally set sail, as she can’t wait to go to sea again….

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