One Piece Chapter 820


From the ship decks of the world – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 13 “Torino”


Zou, on the Whale Tree: Luffy and co. have made their way back towards the Whale Forest when Nekomamushi and Inuarashi finally remember why the rubber boy looks so familiar. As they report, they once knew Shanks from the time they, as underlings of Kozuki Oden, sailed with the Roger pirate gang. This information shocks Luffy, of course, but even more so that the two rulers of Zou met greats like Whitebeard, Silvers Rayleigh, Tom, and Crocus in the process. Likewise, they have seen the Sky Islands as well as Fish Man Island. At this point, Kinemon and his companions explain that they could not accompany their master at that time, as it is actually forbidden to leave the isolated land of Wano Country.

All the nostalgia finally has to be interrupted by Nami, who worries that the Straw Hats have already strayed too far from their course. They had never followed the log port since arriving in the New World and now they still don’t want to, however Inuarashi is able to reassure the navigator. As he reveals, the point where all the magnetic currents meet is not Laugh Tale, but a place where they learn about the Poneglyphs, the Great Kingdom, and also the true way to find Laugh Tale, so they would have to change their strategy from there. However, since the Straw Hat Pirates already knows about all of this through their various acquaintances, the log port route has become redundant for them.

Now Kinemon interferes in the conversation again, in order to direct the focus once more on the fall of Kaidou. In order to compete against him, the Samurais would like to get at least one more person on their side besides the Minks: the former commander of Whitebeard’s first division: Marco the Phoenix! Finding him, however, will be difficult, as Nekomamushi and Inuarashi confirm. The reason for this is that a year ago, the remaining followers of Whitebeard went into a great war of retaliation against the Blackbeard gang, which they lost devastatingly. Only then did Blackbeard become the true successor of Edward Newgate among the Four Emperors. Since then all former crew members of Whitebeard had disappeared. Nevertheless, Nekomamushi has an idea where Marco might be.

Therefore, Luffy decides that the alliance must split up to make preparations for the fight against Kaidou in the various locations. He himself will go to Whole Cake Island to free Sanji there. Feeling guilty, Nami, Chopper, and Brook join him. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, as well as Trafalgar Law’s men, are to follow the samurais to Wano Country, as they can travel most unnoticed with the help of the Heart Pirates’s submarine. Finally, Nekomamushi and his Minks are to go in search of Marco. After everyone has completed their missions, they will meet up again on Wano Country, where they can get to through a Vivre Card of Kinemon.

However, Nico Robin has one last request for her captain. She asks him to make a copy of Big Mom’s road Poneglyph, should he see it. She will do the same with Kaidou’s copy. Suddenly, the conversation is interrupted by a massive earthquake, as well as Zunesha’s loud, pain-filled screams! In addition, Luffy hears a voice…

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