One Piece Chapter 813


From the ship decks of the world – The 500,000,000 man, part 7 “Cape of Twins”.


Zou two days ago: Sanji and Capone Bege are still on speaking terms, with news of the Cook’s impending nuptials to Charlotte family daughter Pudding causing a shock among Nami, Chopper, and Brook. The latter in particular seems to have taken a shine to the name of Sanji’s family, Vinsmoke. To Capone’s annoyance, Sanji of course won’t comply with the request to marry into Big Mom’s family, though at this point Bege reveals that they are currently in his body, where everything is under his control, so he wouldn’t need his prisoners’ consent to just take them away. At that moment, Vito, a member of Capone’s gang, approaches Sanji, wanting to tell him something. What he whispers in the Straw Hat’s ear, however, seems to displease him greatly. Considering his hopeless situation, Sanji finally has a piece of paper and a pen brought to him. On it, he writes a message to Luffy and hands the note to Nami. However, he then suddenly grabs his three comrades-in-arms and flings them out of Bege’s body with all his might. He then steals one of the enemy pirates’ rifle and turns it on Caesar Clown, using the scientist as a hostage against Capone. As he says he has long understood, there must be someone out there who would be quite angry if he died, which is why he is the only one wanted alive. The Cook finally agrees to travel to Big Mom, but his friends are to be left alone. At that moment, Nekomamushi has appeared behind Bege to take revenge for the injured Pekoms. Clearly without a chance, “Gang” takes flight, while Sanji shouts to the others that he has a problem to solve, but that he’ll be back eventually. When Wanda wants to give chase, she is held back by Brook, who is looking at Sanji’s note and therefore sees no hope of success. The short letter says that Sanji has to meet a girl and will only return afterwards…

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