One Piece Chapter 811


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates in Winter: The gang and some monkeys end up on land after a shopping trip with the Mini-Merry.


Ten days ago on Zou: While Sanji, Chopper and Caesar Clown are surveying the destruction of the island, Crown reveals that the poison gas is his invention and is called Koro. Therefore, Sanji forces him to remove the gas using his devil powers. Hearing Nami’s voice at that moment, the clash with Sheepshead occurs. After Caesar has actually made all the toxic fumes disappear, the Straw Hats gather downtown. That’s when Nami is attacked by the badly battered Wanda, who wants revenge on Jack’s supposed followers for their outrages. However, this is stopped by Tristan and Pedro, who tell the dog mink how they were saved by the straw hats. Now, however, Chopper doesn’t want to waste any more time and asks everyone who isn’t incapacitated to help him so that he can treat all the Minks within 24 hours. Together with Caesar, he develops an antidote for the poisoned inhabitants and can thus ultimately actually save everyone’s life.

Back in the present, Luffy and co. now understand why they were received so effusively here. As Chopper suggests, now that night has fallen and Inuarashi is asleep, they should pay Nekomamushi a visit to check on his condition as well. So they all head off to the Whale Forest together, with Zoro mentioning that the story has yet to clarify how Sanji and Crown disappeared.

According to Brooks, this happened only two days ago: Big Mom’s ship appeared in front of Zou, as she had been able to find out the straw hats’ destination! With the help of a mink gang member, they were then able to arrive as well, wanting to go ashore with two men! One of them wanted to be the lion mink Pekoms….


  • Roko is derived from Caesar’s weapon of mass destruction Koro (from the Japanese Korosu for kill).
  • The clothes worn by the Straw Hats on the Color Spread are the same as those seen at the beginning of the TV special Heart of Gold. Also, in the prequel Episode 0: 711 ver. and the feature film One Piece Film Gold, the clothes can be seen lying in the rainbow-colored laundry bag held by one of the monkeys.
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