One Piece Chapter 810


From the ship decks of the world – The 500,000,000 Man, Part 5 “Baratié”


17 days ago on Zou: Jack has turned back into a human and now faces Nekomamushi. The latter is amazed that Jack was able to eat one of the rare prehistoric zoan fruits, whereas the captain is surprised that there are actually true fighters on the island. Without further ado, he whips out two long, sickle-like curved blades to take the fight. Before that, however, Nekomamushi tells Bepo that the Bear Mink is still under his protection and therefore doesn’t need to fight. However, he, as well as the rest of the Heart Pirate gang, is already ready for the clash. At this moment the fierce battle breaks out anew and lasts the whole night. In the morning, Inuarashi takes over again with his men, which continues for a total of five days, always alternating. It is learned that Kaidou kept sending new ships to replace his troops, yet the Minks, who took turns resting, gradually gained the upper hand. Only one fighter, Jack himself, seemed simply invincible. Alone, on the fifth day, he decided to use a poison gas weapon, created by Caesar Clown, which covered the entire city and parts of the forest with paralyzing gas. This was eventually followed by a horrific series of tortures to find out where Raizo was.

Back in the present, Luffy wonders what kind of monster Kaidou must be if a pirate as powerful as Jack is only his subordinate. As Wanda further relates, Jack and all but a few of his men made a surprise retreat on the sixth day, having heard of Donquixote Doflamingo’s defeat, and immediately set out to stop the former Samurai of the Seas’ transport. Thus the Straw Hats became the heroes of the Minks, as they had indirectly lured Jack away. Moreover, as if by some miracle, another day later Chopper and the others reached Zou, with the help of the ship’s doctor saving many lives.

10 days ago: Sanji’s squad has just reached Zunesha’s hind legs and is shocked by the sight. Using a balloon powered by Caesar Clown, they eventually make it to the top. Seeing the destruction, Sanji decides to go ahead with Chopper and Crown, while Nami, Brook, and Momonosuke stay behind at the entrance. Shortly after, however, Tristan comes running, which is followed by Sheepshead. Of course, the navigator and the musician immediately come to the squirrel mink’s aid, leading to the clash with Sheepshead.

At the same time, the other three reach the city center, which is still covered with residual gas. Horrified by the sight of dozens of slaughtered Minks, they are suddenly approached by the badly wounded Pedro, who begs them to help their two masters, who should not die. They have been crucified, with Inuarashi’s left leg and Nekomamushi’s left hand severed….

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