One Piece Chapter 808


From the ship decks of the world – the 500 million man, part 4: The village of Syrop


17 days ago on Zou: After breaking down the gate to the Mokomo Kingdom with his subordinates, the mammoth-shaped invader confronts the people. They reply that they have never heard of a man named Raizo, but this only makes the attacker angrier. When asked, Sheepshead, who is also present, introduces the man as his Captain Jack, one of the three direct henchmen of Emperor Kaidou himself! After another demand to turn the ninja in, an old monkey mink takes the floor. He assures that Minks would never lie, but is punished for it by a powerful blow from Jack’s trunk. This is followed by a first wave of attack from the pirates, which the Minks, however, are able to put down with ease. Caught off guard by this, the monkey-mink, who immediately gets back on his feet, reveals that every member of this race is already born a warrior and that a battle would therefore only cause great suffering on both sides. Instead, he says, Jack should rather speak with their leader, Inuarashi, to find a peaceful solution. After flatly refusing this offer, Jack’s crew rushes forward again.

In the present, Wanda and the Straw Hats have almost arrived at the kingdom’s clinic, where their master Inuarashi is staying. There they first meet Shishilian, one of the so-called Musketeers, Inuarashi’s personal protectors. Proud to finally meet the saviors of his people, Shishilian leads Luffy and co. inside, where Chopper is already waiting. Inuarashi, a tall canine mink who is also present, takes the opportunity to express his deep gratitude to the Straw Hat Pirates as well. At Luffy’s comment that the “Lord of the Day” looks pretty strong, Wanda rebukes the rubber boy for facing the strongest fighter on the island. The mink himself, however, can only laugh at this after losing the battle. Wanda, on the other hand, thinks that they were superior to Jack’s men had he not used the gun. Due to Luffy’s amazement, Chopper reports that it was Caesar Clown’s poison gas weapon that devastated the land so…

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