One Piece Chapter 807


From the ship decks of the world – the 500 Million Man, Part 3: Shimotsuki.
While his students emulate Zoro, Koushirou is more upset about the pirate hunter’s new bounty.


Zou, in the forest on the right side of Zunesha’s belly: Having received a celebratory hero’s welcome, Luffy and co. now sit with everyone else at a big feast. That’s when Brook rejoins his friends, who greet him happily. As he reports, Momonosuke has barricaded himself in his room because he had some disputes with the Minks. Moreover, he says, no one should utter the words Samurai or Wano Country, as this would incur the wrath of the Minks. As an aside, it turns out that Wanda’s statement about the dead bodies of the Straw Hats was only referring to Brook. Interrupting the conversation, Nami finally wants a decision on how to proceed about Sanji, as she thinks Luffy and Zoro are taking the matter too casually. To be able to understand the whole situation, Nami should first tell them about the last days:

Eleven Days Earlier: The Thousand Sunny has just encountered the ship Big Moms, and has been given permission to fight back, heading for Zou as a result. Since no one knows how to operate the Coup de Burst and they would have to turn around to use the Gaon Cannon first, Sanji waits until the Sunny comes under enemy fire. By working together, Brook, Chopper, and Sanji are finally able to knock the cannonballs back, damaging the enemy ship. With Nami’s help, they then escape into a dense fog. A day later, they already reach Zou, with the Mokomo Kingdom already in ruins. Only with Chopper’s medical help can most of the inhabitants be saved, which is why the Minks consider the Straw Hats’ arrival a miracle and celebrate them as their benefactors.

Back in the present, a Mink interrupts the story to inform Wanda that Inuarashi has awoken and would like to meet his heroes. When asked, Wanda informs her guests that Inuarashi is one of their two leaders, the “Lord of the Day”. Besides him, there is also the “Lord of the Night”, Nekomamushi.

Before the meeting, Wanda reveals that Jack invaded Zou exactly 17 days ago, about a month after Bepo and the Heart pirate gang arrived. Someone in the form of a powerful mammoth wanted something the Minks didn’t have, though: the samurai from Wano Country Raizo!

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