One Piece Chapter 806


22nd cover story: From the ship decks of the world, the 500 Million Man Edition, Part 2: Foosha Village.
Curly Dadan and her band of robbers celebrate the news of Luffy’s well-being at Makino’s bar in Foosha Village.


In downtown Zou: As Nico Robin and the others discover, huge masses of water suddenly burst from the sky over the island. This, as it turns out, is based on the giant elephant hurling seawater over its back with the help of its trunk.

Meanwhile at the left hind leg of the elephant: Kanjuro has used his devil powers to paint a cat, which laboriously carries him, Kinemon, and the little monkey that had fallen off the island upwards. However, there they are also surprised by the falling water masses…

On Crocky’s back, on the other hand, Luffy, Wanda and Carrot can swim effortlessly through the currents. In doing so, the dog mink tells them that this water sustains life on Zou, as food is obtained from it and drinking water is filtered.

To their rescue, the other Straw Hats were able to save themselves onto a building from where they watch the action. Through his glasses, Usopp spots Luffy and his companions. They have just arrived at a place where there are several bloodstained crosses where Jack had tortured islanders. This makes Wanda and Carrot cry, and Luffy also seems greatly affected by the sight. As Wanda reports, Jack attacked the transport Donquixote Doflamingos a few days earlier. According to the official statement, he was killed in the process, but this is not certain for them. Then suddenly Zoro and co. appear after Trafalgar Law used his powers. Now that everyone is present, Wanda leads the Straw Hats to the entrance of a Fort where their friends are waiting. Surprisingly, the pirates are given a celebratory hero’s welcome there, and indeed Nami and Chopper are also on hand. When asked, Wanda reveals that contrary to popular belief, the Minks have no hatred for humanity, believing themselves to be one and the same race. Humans, she says, are nothing more than monkey minks with little fur, and if they hate any of them, it’s because of what they’ve done. That’s when Nami and Chopper join them, who happily fall into their friends’ arms. But before the navigator can even begin to talk about Sanji’s whereabouts, she bursts into tears….

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