One Piece Chapter 805


22nd cover story: From the ship decks of the world, the 500 million man edition, part 1: The News Coo fly to the end of the seas.
Several newspaper gulls are seen flying over the ocean, with Surume destroying a ship in the background.


After the encounter between Zoro and Carrot has been interrupted by a stranger of the Minks, Usopp immediately asks where she got Nami’s clothes. However, the latter sees the intruder in the whale forest as a priority over all questions and explanations, which is why Carrot immediately takes to the skies with a powerful leap. From there she sees that fighting has broken out just beyond the town, whereupon she and the stranger ride off on their oversized crocodile. They tell the Straw Hats to make their way across the forest of the elephant’s right rear to the patch of woods on its right belly, as that is where the bodies of their dead comrades are. Initially shocked by this statement, Zoro and co. eventually remain calm for the time being and go to see for themselves. Trafalgar Law mentions that his navigator Bepo, whose Vivre Card he carries with him, is also a Mink and was born on Zou.

Meanwhile in the whale forest: The intruder is Luffy, who was attacked by the guards of the forest, the bull mink Rody and the gorilla mink Blackback, and is now dueling with them. While the Heart pirates, who are also present, try to settle the fight, Carrot and the Mink bitch, who now introduces herself as Wanda, also join in and break up the altercation. Recognizing Straw Hat Luffy, they immediately offer to take the uninvited guest away. That’s when another Zou resident named Pedro intervenes, who tells Luffy that he should consider himself lucky to have Wanda on his side.

Meanwhile, Nico Robin and the others have gone to the city center, where they find that it is abandoned and marked by destruction. Various traces of claws or paws as well as huge footprints can be seen, but everything must have happened very quickly.

Back at Luffy’s, Wanda also tells him that the ancient kingdom of Mokomo, located on Zou, was peaceful and untouched two weeks ago. Then, however, Jack invaded the island. Now she wants to bring Luffy to the others, whereby he is happy to see Sanji again, which causes Wanda a bitter expression…

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