One Piece Chapter 804


Front Page Request: Ace, Sabo, and Luffy are playing baseball.


While Luffy, Zoro, Law, Robin, Franky, Usopp, Kinemon and Kanjuro are climbing the elephant, a small monkey rushes towards them. Kinemon and Kanjuro are hit by it and fall off, but survive the crash. Meanwhile, Luffy and the others set off on Ryunnosuke’s back to make the final meters behind them. At the top, all but Law and Zoro say goodbye to Kanjuro’s marked dragon and take in the area.

On the surface of Zou: The group stands in front of an unguarded entrance built of stones. Luffy makes his way to a watchtower and from there discovers a city with rivers and forests. In the distance, a large tree with a whale-like trunk can be seen. Law notices that the gates to the entrance have been forcibly broken down. After Luffy jumps down, the group follows him to explore the town.

Inside Zou: The group notices that there is something wrong with the supposed road ahead. In addition, the immediate area is heavily trashed. Zoro is warned and prepares for possible danger. On their way to the city, Franky & Co. are observed by an unknown person who speaks of lowly Minks who would have passed through the gates. The name Bariete is mentioned.

Arrival in town: Luffy rushes ahead and calls for Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook. There is no one to be seen; the city seems deserted. Destruction is visible. Franky notices a smell of gunpowder and gas.

In a wooded area: A noise is heard. The unknown person, who has been watching the group before, attacks and lunges at Zoro, who has noticed her early on. A counterattack by Zoro is easily dodged by the female person, who jumps over him. He notices that this person can levitate. The animalistic looking girl attacks Zoro with a claw strike, which he is able to deflect. Suddenly, a voice is heard saying to stop. Another female person appears, who is riding a large crocodile. She calls the other person Carrot and orders her to leave the Straw Hat Pirates alone for now, as they have intruders to deal with in Whale Forest. Law realizes that they are members of the Minks tribe. Usopp notices that the female Mink who interrupted the fight is wearing Nami’s clothes.

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