One Piece Chapter 803


Front page request: “A race between a shark and Franky in a Usopp-designed boat” by Gezio from Fukushima.


Luffy and co. have sailed up to the giant elephant and finally come across the abandoned Thousand Sunny. To search for their friends, Kanjuro unceremoniously draws a rather hulking dragon and brings it to life using his devil powers so he can carry them up the elephant’s leg. At this point, the Barto Club finally says goodbye to their new alliance partners, while the Straw Hats as well as Trafalgar Law and the two Samurais continue their journey.

Meanwhile, at the revolutionaries’ hideout on Baltigo: Dragon has already been informed of his people’s successes regarding the smuggled weapons from Dress Rosa, which makes him feel positive. At the same time, however, he is apprehensive about the Cipher Pol, which has been noticeably strengthened by the World Government in recent years. When Koala joins to report to her superior that the stolen weapons are made of a very special, very rare metal, he orders her to gather all the leaders of the Revolutionary Army, as their help is needed. However, a meeting of these people seems to make the young woman anxious.

At the same time somewhere on the sea of the New World: Laffitte and Shiryu of the Blackbeard pirate gang, now captains of Blackbeard’s fifth and second ship, just get a call from Jesus Burgess. He reports that he was badly beaten up and after a period of unconsciousness finally woke up on a strange ship. Now he is on an unknown island, which however houses the secret base of the revolutionaries. With the help of his Vivre Card Blackbeard should be led there immediately!

Elsewhere, in a large circus tent on the island of Karai Bari: The so-called Pirate Delegation Society, led by the Samurai of the Seas Buggy, is celebrating a great feast, as the fall of Donquixote Doflamingo has led to an enormous demand for pirate mercenaries provided by this very society. The joy is interrupted, however, when Mohji points out to his captain that Hajrudin and his crew have enlisted and resigned. Enraged, the “1000 Coin Clown” immediately wants to know why his five most important people are quitting…!

Back on Zou: While Luffy and the others climb the giant elephant’s leg, the Straw Hats curiously ask about Kinemon and Kanjuro’s destination. The latter reveal that they must first recover Momonosuke, and then search for their fourth comrade-in-arms, the ninja Raizo, whom they once lost after being shipwrecked. While Luffy is excited that Raizo is supposed to be a real ninja, his companions point out to him that something is falling down on them from above…

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