One Piece Chapter 801


Front page request: “Cavendish grows roses with his beloved horse Farul” from Sakura, Chiba Prefecture.


Dress Rosa, near the Royal Palace: Rob Lucci, sitting in a side alley accompanied by Spandam, both of whom appear to be members of the CP0, is talking over a Den-den Mushi to someone who appears to be Kaku based on the speech pattern, about the fact that while no smuggler’s list could be found, someone apparently stole all the weapons from the underground port. The revolutionaries are suspected, which Spandam immediately dubs insufferable, to which Rob Lucci counters that he would be just as insufferable.

Meanwhile, King Riku Doldo III receives word that the Levely will take place later this year, so preparations should begin. As Gancho and Mansherry finally officially introduce themselves and their dwarven people to the people of Dress Rosa, they take to the streets to celebrate their regained freedom and peace, erecting statues to Luffy, Usopp, Kyros and Noland before they even begin to rebuild their homes.

Meanwhile, the captured Donquixote Doflamingo is taken away by an escort of four navy ships. Over dinner, Fujitora reveals to Sengoku that he will not return to headquarters until he has the heads of Luffy and Trafalgar Law. Below deck, Crane simultaneously guards the bound Doflamingo. The latter says that no one could have stopped him if Issho had cooperated with him, but Crane calmly dismisses these “ifs”. Laughing, however, Flamingo wonders what will happen to all the released monsters now and who will control them. In his opinion, it will soon be decided who will rule the seas, whether one of the Four Emperors, one of the Samurai, a representative of the Worst Generation, the Navy, or the revolutionaries. Furthermore, he predicts that the “D.” family will reappear on the scene and that the world’s aristocrats should prepare themselves to be overthrown. With so many powerful pirates, the war for Gold Roger’s throne will soon begin!

Away from this conversation, another ship is nearby, which according to the Jolly Roger is part of Kaidou’s fleet. On board, someone with a telescope observes how many big naval names are involved in the escort and that it is therefore almost impossible to get Doflamingo. However, the man’s captain orders the action to be carried out anyway!

Elsewhere, on Bartolomeo’s ship. After all the allies of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, as well as Bellamy have received part of Luffy’s new Vivre Card, the gangs parted ways again for the time being, only Bartolomeo’s crew is now still with their idol. During their trip to Zou, Bartolomeo wants to show his idols their new wanted posters and bounties. On a side note, he also mentions Law’s increase to 500 million berry, equal therefore to Luffy’s new value. Also, Zoro’s bounty increased to 320 million berry and Usopp’s to 200 million berry. There are also increases for Franky (94 million berry), Nico Robin (130 million berry), Nami (66 million berry) and Brook (83 million berry), as well as Chopper (100 berry). Strikingly, however, Sanji’s bounty increased not by 50 but by a full 100 million to 177 million berry, and he is the only one wanted alive…

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