One Piece Chapter 800


Front Page Request: “Prince Sanji tries to awaken the sleeping Princess Robin with a kiss, but is stopped by seven goats,” from “Law’s Reaction Will Escalate” in Saitama.


Aboard the Yonta Maria: To the dismay of the seven crews who asked to be allowed to sail in an alliance under the flag of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, the Straw Hat captain refuses to drink sake together as a ritual. The reason he gives is that he does not want to force anyone into an alliance, as it is too confining for him. However, he promises to call them as soon as he needs their help and in return to be there immediately should they need his again, but for that and to become King of the Pirates, no alliance is needed, only friendship. However, the fact that Luffy won’t take away their freedom through an alliance only makes the former gladiators of the Corrida Colosseum believe even more strongly that they want to go to sea for the Straw Hat Pirates.

Then the ship suddenly comes under attack; as it turns out by a merger of several pirate gangs, which made business with Donquixote Doflamingo and are now without their partner. It is casually mentioned that Luffy’s bounty has increased to 500 million berry after his victory over the Samurai of the Seas! While the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet holds the attackers at bay, the debris that was still held in the sky by Admiral Fujitora suddenly begins to rattle down. Because of this, Bartolomeo and the others grab their sac bowls and drink to seal the bond with Luffy despite his refusal. At the straw hat’s protest, they retort that they are now joining him without his consent and thus it was their free choice, so he need not worry.

Now the newly formed alliance finally wants to leave to escape the navy, who meanwhile notices that all the rocks raining down from the sky seem to miss their target. This is again Issho’s fault, who at this moment says to himself that he’s far too grateful to Luffy and company for saving Dress Rosa from the influence of the World Government to destroy them. As it turns out, however, Sengoku overheard this as well.

While Kyros and Rebecca watch them from the sunflower fields, the pirate ships leave the coast of Dress Rosa for the open sea, where they immediately start a huge celebration. It is learned that this is the beginning of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, which will one day reunite due to a crucial incident to make a significant mark on history….

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