One Piece Chapter 799


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After Luffy’s initial attack on Admiral Fujitora, the Straw Hat now pounds away tirelessly at his opponent, though he announces how and where he will aim before each attack. As justification, he states that he believes this is the only honorable way to fight a blind man, which offends Issho to the highest degree. As he reveals, he once took his own sight so that he wouldn’t have to see all the disaster in the world. From the ensuing counterattack, Luffy is flung into the air, which Hajrudin in turn takes advantage of to catch and grab him. Against the cries of the Straw Hat Captain, everyone now heads for the coast, where Orlumbus’ Yonta Maria Grand Fleet is already waiting and has built a bridge to the open sea. But even this doesn’t save them from the enormous mountain of debris Issho has accumulated in the sky by means of his devilish powers. Suddenly, however, the citizens of Dress Rosa appear at the harbor and rush to the Straw Hats, even though Fujitora tells them to stay away from the danger zone. The citizens, however, know that their hero Lucy did nothing to Princess Rebecca, but instead reunited her with her father Kyros, which is why they want him to make a safe escape. Hearing that the populace trusts the pirate Luffy so much, Issho would like to see the captain with his own eyes after all.

Meanwhile, the refugees have reached the flagship of the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet, which is to take them to safety. Before they can leave, however, some of those present, including Hajrudin, Orlumbus, and Leo, share some details about their troops, as well as that Abdullah, Jeet, Ideo, and Blue Gilly have formed an alliance or joined Suleiman Cavendish. As Luffy is puzzled by these stories, the former gladiators now announce that the 75 members of the Beautiful pirate gang, the 56 members of the Bartolomeo pirate gang, the 1.000 members of the Happou Navy, the four allies around Ideo, the 200 dwarf warriors under Leo, the five members of Hajrudin’s giant pirate gang, and the 4,300 members of the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet want to go to sea in the future as subordinate allied crews led by Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates!

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