One Piece Chapter 798


Front page request: “Boa Hancock writes Luffy a love letter” from Lhams.


The destroyed island of Dress Rosa: The navy is shocked to discover that they cannot attack the Straw Hat Pirates, as all their gunpowder and other weapons have inexplicably disappeared. In addition, someone has somehow managed to sew all the naval ships together, rendering them immobile. The dwarves are secretly responsible for this, of course.

While Luffy is still rushing as fast as he can towards the eastern harbor, Bartolomeo is trying to stop Fujitora with his barriers to stall for time.

Meanwhile, Trafalgar Law is with Sengoku himself. The former Grand Admiral tells the pirate that he once spoke on the phone with a subordinate whom he had infiltrated as a spy into the Donquixote pirate gang. This man, named Rosinante, told him that he had met a boy, the sole survivor of the Flevance tragedy, who was filled with hatred because of it and seemed to him like a younger version of Donquixote Doflamingo. Although Rosinante wanted to help the boy, Sengoku ordered him to focus on Doflamingo. As Sengoku continues, he met this spy in the latter’s childhood days after he lost his parents. He took him in and treated him as his own son and in all those years, Rosinante lied only once and that was when he traveled to Minion to rescue the survivor from Flevance. In addition to his death, the Barrels pirates, the Operation Fruit, and the surviving boy were also lost that day. Now that it’s clear that it was Law, Sengoku wants to let the pirate captain go, since Corazón once traded his life for Law’s and that’s why he should be free. Before the inspector leaves, Law reveals that he also has a “D.” in his name!

Suddenly the earth begins to shake as tons of rubble and debris rise from the ground into the air. Fujitora is responsible for this, who has taken control of all the debris on the island with his devilish powers and wants to bring it down on the pirates to destroy them all at once with a single blow. Naturally, this sends the former gladiators into a panic when Law finally reappears on the east coast and orders everyone to get on board as quickly as possible. Just before Issho can deliver his final blow, Luffy also appears behind the Admiral. Instead of running past him, however, he attacks him with a gum-gum elephant gun, to the horror of everyone watching, which Fujitora is able to block with his sword, but is then flung away due to its penetrating power. He then proclaims that he will never run away again after the events of two years ago! No matter if it’s an admiral or one of the Four Emperors: If he wants to become king of the pirates, he’ll have to defeat them all anyway!!!!

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