One Piece Chapter 797


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While the Straw Hats flee from the navy in the direction of the eastern harbor, Luffy sets off once more for the palace. The former gladiators have already fought their way clear for their rescuers to do so, so they make quick progress. As Vice Admiral Bastille has reinforced the east side of the island, Luffy reaches the palace and screams for Rebecca. She immediately rushes to the window, where Luffy asks her if she agrees with Mr. Soldier’s decision. The gladiator replies that she has read the letter, but doesn’t understand why her father doesn’t want to see her anymore. As she begins to blame herself, Luffy repeats his question, whereupon the princess bursts into tears and loudly denies it. Luffy then grabs his girlfriend and jumps out of the palace with her to the rooftops of the city. The navy, of course, fears a kidnapping and so deploys all men in pursuit. In long, quick leaps, Luffy makes his way back to the sunflower fields with Rebecca, where he plans to drop her off and then depart.

In the fields, Kyros has just finished packing and wants to leave, but when he opens the door, his crying daughter is already waiting for him. Kyros tries to explain to her what a bad man he once was, which is why she should not have him as a father, but Rebecca reminds Kyros of his promise to always be with her. She accepts him as a father and wants to live with him.

Meanwhile, Viola delivers this news to King Riku Doldo III, who is amused by his daughter’s decision.

Meanwhile at the eastern harbor: The Straw Hats have arrived, only Luffy and the suddenly also missing Trafalgar Law are still missing. To their horror, however, the others discover that Admiral Fujitora is in sight and coming towards them…


  • In the panel, when the populace assumes Rebecca has been kidnapped, a situational t-shirt is seen with the words“YUKAI SARETA“, which roughly means“has been kidnapped„.
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