One Piece Chapter 796


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Luffy’s victory over Donquixote Doflamingo was now three days ago. Fujitora and his men are still anchored on the coast of Dress Rosa when suddenly Vice Admiral Kranich and the now Chief Inspector Sengoku appear on the scene. Kranich is incensed that Fujitora has not yet done anything about the pirates and other criminals on the island, whereupon he shows her his dice. The last two days he had rolled a one, which saved the straw hat’s life. Today, too, the dice will decide, and this time Crane will be allowed to roll. Then Princess Mansherry appears before the admiral to ask the marines for a donation.

Meanwhile, in the inner city, Gatz announces that Riku Doldo III has decided to return to his throne, causing the people to erupt in jubilation. This does not go unnoticed by Riku himself, who is in the palace with Elizabello II. He wants to do his best for the future of Dress Rosa, but only until he can hand over his office to Rebecca.

She, in turn, is being dressed in her room, where she learns that a story is spreading among the population. Princess Scarlet had not died at all, but was only declared dead after she had eloped with a prince of a foreign country. However, he fell in a war and left only Rebecca behind. As the future heir to the throne knows, this is a lie that was told at the request of Riku and Kyros.

Back with the soldiers, it turns out that they are supposed to donate blood, since Mansherry can use it to make cures with the help of her devil powers. Generously, Sengoku volunteers to be the donor for ten, if not twenty people.

Meanwhile, in the sunflower fields, at Kyros’ house: Luffy and Usopp have woken up by now. As the rubber boy fills his belly, he seems both saddened by Sabo’s departure and determined to catch up with his crew and join them in battle. On this occasion, Kyros reveals to his fellow soldiers that it was he personally who had told them that Rebecca’s father was a deceased prince, lest the future queen be associated with someone with as lawless a past as his. That’s when Bartolomeo bursts in the door at the same time Leo is calling via Den-den Mushi. The “cannibal” reports that something is stirring in the Marine camp, since Kranich and Sengoku have shown up. All of them, he says, will soon no longer be safe. Leo adds that Crane rolled a six, so Issho sent all his troops to the palace and the sunflower fields. The Straw Hats therefore want to flee, however they have no ship. Bartolomeo wants to help them with this problem. So he has a ship ready at the harbour for his revered Straw Hat Pirates, with the former gladiators having already left the palace and standing by along their route to the coast to give them cover. As everyone rushes out of the house, they also spot the navy not too far away. Luffy, however, stops abruptly and tells the others to go ahead, as he has something to do…

Meanwhile, at the palace, Rebecca is heartbroken that Lucy wants to leave her before she’s had a chance to say thank you….

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