One Piece Chapter 795


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Off the coast of Dress Rosa. Ignoring Vice Admiral Maynard’s protest, Admiral Fujitora has rolled the dice as to whether or not he should provide the Straw Hat Pirates. Pulling one from under his cup, he decides against it.

Meanwhile at the palace: The population, as well as the former fellow fighters of the Straw Hats, including Bartolomeo, Cavendish, Sai and Baby 5 are just resting, wondering where their hero has gone. Rebecca has also already noticed that Luffy, Kyros, and the others have disappeared, but that doesn’t worry King Riku Doldo III.

Elsewhere: The Thousand Sunny is anchored. Only Sanji, Chopper and Caesar Clown are left with their ship, who are currently arguing about why they lost the other three and whether they should now go rescue them together. They, in turn, are inside the unnamed island and are currently fleeing from several pursuers, including a man named Sheepshead. When a mountain suddenly seems to spew forth vast amounts of water, Brook and Momonosuke, as devil power users, have to be rescued by Nami, which in turn gives Sheepshead a chance to attack them. Brook, however, expertly deflects the attack with his “Soul Ballad” technique, as Sanji also joins the fray and unceremoniously knocks Sheepshead out with a “Mouton Shot”. This shocks his accomplices so much that they want to retreat for the time being and report not having found any samurai. As Chopper urges them to hurry, Sheepshead’s clothing features a Jolly Roger with four crossed bones, an angular face and horns.

Meanwhile, at the base of the alliance of Kids, Apoos and Hawkins’ pirate gangs. There has just been a huge explosion, which sends all the men into an uproar. Immediately they grab their weapons and run to the scene, but there they find that there is only a large, deep hole in the ground in the approximate shape of a man.

A few minutes earlier: On the Balloon Terminal, an island in the sky, Urouge and his men were surprised by a stranger who apparently plans to jump off the island to commit suicide. It is learned that this man is someone who has been captured 18 times and tortured over 1,000 times. He has also been sentenced to death 40 times, but each time the ropes that were meant to hang him broke or the blades broke before they could hurt him. He has always tried to take his own life because of this, but he just couldn’t die until now and no one could ever kill him.

Back at the Kid’s place, this same man has actually fallen 10,000 meters from the sky and hit the ground hard. To the amazement of all present, however, he simply gets up again and complains only of a headache. It’s Kaidou of the Beasts Pirates, who now screams to start the biggest war of the century out of revenge against Joker, even if the whole world will be destroyed!

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