One Piece Chapter 794


Front page request: “Doflamingo lends his sunglasses to a flamingo” by Forest Dweller


In the eastern part of Dress Rosa: Luffy, Usopp, Nico Robin, Zoro, Franky, Trafalgar Law and Bellamy have retired to Kyros’ house to rest. Currently, only Robin, Zoro and Franky are awake when Sabo comes to visit them. He says he must leave now that the CP0 is on its way to Dress Rosa, but wants to see his brother one more time. After the three Straw Hats express their amazement that their captain has a second brother, he tells them about their time together at Garp, their sac shell oath, and the Gray Terminal fire where he first met Dragon. Later, when he tried to leave in his small boat and was shot down by the World Nobles, he nearly drowned, but was saved by the Revolutionaries. However, he lost his memory due to this accident; the only thing that was ingrained in him was the certainty of not wanting to return to his family, which is why he joined the revolutionary army at that time. It wasn’t until years afterward, when Sabo read in the newspaper of Whitebeard’s defeat and Ace’s death during the Great Battle, that he regained his memories. The shock of his brother’s death caused him to pass out for several days, and after waking up, he had decided to go and get the Fire Fruit. In the process, he ended up meeting Luffy, who burst into tears and was overjoyed, and Sabo was also happy not to have lost both brothers to the war. The two quickly agreed that Sabo could have the Fire Fruit.

Just before he leaves, Sabo presents Zoro with a Vivre Card he had made for Luffy. Keeping a piece of it himself, he also expresses his trust in the Straw Hats.

Outside, Hack finally calls him, who is told by the Tactical Director that he’ll be right with him. On a suddenly flying flock of birds Sabo rides off in the direction of his comrades-in-arms….


  • The cover shows Doflamingo and some flamingos reenacting The Wizard of Oz with puppets.
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