One Piece Chapter 793


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Dress Rosa: While King Riku asks the kneeling Admiral Fujitora to rise again, Kyros praises his dwarf army for the work they have done. They are now to go to the palace to aid the king. The latter, in turn, has just ordered Tank Lepanto to gather the pirates and gladiators at the palace to offer them shelter.

The Holy Land Mary Geoise: Grand Admiral Sakazuki has met with the Five Elders to discuss the mistaken resignation of Donquixote Doflamingo. When Sakazuki complains that an unscrupulous pirate like Doflamingo was covered by the World Government, the latter retorts that the case was handled by Cipher Pol alone. Afterwards, one of the wise men asks the Grand Admiral what the rumor is that Kuzan has joined Blackbeard. While Sakazuki is still justifying himself that Kuzan hasn’t had anything to do with the Navy since he resigned, a naval officer bursts into the conversation. He reports that Doflamingo has been defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law’s alliance, and Dress Rosa has been all but destroyed. This in turn stops arms shipments to several countries at war. Those present are shocked and partially vow revenge on Luffy and Law.

In an unknown city: Jewelry Bonney has stolen pizza as an old woman and now eats it in the shape of a small child. The news of Luffy’s victory seems to please her.

Somewhere in the Sky: Urouge has retreated with his gang to recover from various wounds when his men also give him the news. Apparently the gang has received a visit from someone, which Urouge doesn’t think is possible since they are high in the clouds.

On the ship of Big Mom’s pirate gang: Capone Bege and his crew are on board. Due to the events, the pirate captain orders his men to take Caesar Clown into custody.

On Crane’s ship, the Vice Admiral and Chief Inspector Sengoku are talking about pirates she has been tracking for some time.

At the alliance between the Eustass Kid, Basil Hawkins, and Scratchmen Apoo: The “Captain” is amazed at Luffy’s victory and assumes that Pirate Emperor Kaidou must be the Straw Hat’s target. He’s glad this doesn’t get in the way of his plan to challenge “Red Hair” Shanks!

On some winter island: reading the newspaper, X. Drake that his father was once shot by Doflamingo, but that he holds no grudge against him. At the same time, pirates are looking for their captain Kaidou to tell him that his business with Donquixote is over.

Back on Dress Rosa: Fujitora is on the phone with Sakazuki. The Grand Admiral is exceedingly angry that Issho acted so independently instead of reporting to headquarters. The Admiral, however, reports that if he had, the whole thing would have been covered up for sure. He once learned of such a case from Smoker, who told him about what happened in Arabasta.

That same Vice Admiral is on his ship at the time, where Tashigi is nursing him back to health. Smoker is also relieved at Doflamingo’s defeat. Also on board are the children from Punk Hazard, who, as we learn from Tashigi, are now to be taken to Dr. Vegapunk.

Meanwhile, in conversation with Sakazuki, Fujitora demands that the government answer for its actions. The Grand Admiral, however, wants his subordinate to bring him the Straw Hat as well as Law!

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