One Piece Chapter 792


Front page request: “Leo celebrates Mansherry’s birthday with fireflies forming “Happy Birthday” in the night sky” by Takahiro Mori, Hyogo Prefecture.


While all of Dress Rosa is cheering, Sabo stands in front of the badly battered Jesus Burgess. When asked why he didn’t finish the job, the revolutionary replies that he doesn’t need to, since everything is over now. At this meekness, Burgess restrains his opponent by trying to tell him what Ace once said after he was defeated by Blackbeard and realized he was going to be executed. According to the captain of the first ship of Blackbeard’s pirate gang, he asked at the time that his little brother not find out. Provocatively, Burgess is amused that Ace should have realized that his imprisonment would go around the world. Enraged by this, Sabo grabs his opponent’s head, saying that he thinks about how his brother may have felt every night and that he doesn’t need to hear it from someone like Burgess. The Blackbeard pirate then claims that Sabo should regret not saving Ace despite his strength. Enraged, Sabo therefore catapults Burgess into another row of houses by means of a fire fist. At this moment Koala calls by Den-den Mushi to find out Sabo’s whereabouts. He wants to meet her and the other revolutionaries in the underground harbor.

Meanwhile, downtown, the Navy is handcuffing the defeated members of the Donquixote pirate gang when one of them reveals that Admiral Fujitora has instructed them not to contact headquarters yet. At the same time, Vice Admiral Maynard has had a liaison established with Dress Rosa’s neighbors to inform them of what has happened.

Also transferred is King Riku Doldo III, who is currently facing his people, who are begging him to return to the throne. However, Riku doesn’t think this is a good idea, as he believes he was once weak and failed after Donquixote Doflamingo’s emergence. The citizens, however, finally want peace again and prefer a king who will never fight, even if it could mean their ruin. Even the “Fighting King” Elizabello II of Prodense thinks that Riku’s war-avoiding policies once held off any attackers and performed true miracles.

Before the king can say anything about it, Fujitora surprisingly joins the action. He wants to leave now without getting the country of Dress Rosa in trouble with the government. Further, Issho suspects that the fact that Doflamingo’s rule was simply accepted indicates that the World Government also had a hand in all the tragedies of the past few years! To the horror of everyone present, the Admiral suddenly falls to his knees before Riku and his people, apologizing for everything that was done to them!!!! This is observed by a reporter from Applenine, among others, who immediately wants to make headlines out of the news from Dress Rosa…

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