One Piece Chapter 791


Front page request: “Sanji and Chopper bake bread with two mice” by Shinorita


After Luffy’s gum-gum King Kong gun hits the ground hard, Donquixote Doflamingo has been knocked through the Dress Rosa earthen floor and now lies motionless in the underground trading port. As a result, the rubber boy loses all his strength and falls down unconscious, which is why Trafalgar Law uses his devilish powers to bring him to him, Violet and Rebecca. This is also observed by Gatz, who immediately grabs his Den-den Mushi. With it, he loudly alerts the population that the birdcage above their heads is retreating and that Doflamingo is finally defeated and his reign seems to be over.

Meanwhile, Bartolomeo and the other gladiators rush forward as no more strings stand in their way; the same happens elsewhere to Zoro, Kinemon, Kanjuro, and Fujitora, as well as Franky and the dwarves, who knock over the Smile Factory in surprise instead of moving it further. This makes them all realize that Luffy must have won, which brings tears to King Riku’s eyes.

Outside the former cage, Gatz recognizes a city in ruins, but also a free country. After these final battles, he now, weeping bitterly, declares Luffy aka Lucy the victor! While the people as well as Nico Robin, Usopp and all the others cheer their savior, Rebecca kneels before the pirate captain and bursts into tears as well. Even Kyros has retreated behind a wall remnant in the city to vent his feelings, since he couldn’t cry all those years as a toy. According to Gatz, however, everyone in this ruined land is crying for joy today!


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