One Piece Chapter 790


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates in various national costumes as a thank you on the occasion of the entry into the Guinness Book of Records.


The people of Dress Rosa, as well as everyone else present, continue to successfully hold off the birdcage and at the same time rejoice at the return of their hero Luffy. He now faces Donquixote Doflamingo again, who is rather unimpressed, however, as he doesn’t believe that Luffy could regain his Haki for a long time. Immediately he attacks the straw hat and also Rebecca with his strings, whereby the pirate captain actually cannot withstand the attack in his weakened condition. Rebecca escapes, however, through the help of Trafalgar Law’s devilish powers, who swaps her for a boulder. It is then that Doflamingo also understands that Law appears to still be alive, which is why he initiates the final phase of the fight. Using his “Ever White” technique, he seizes control of the entire rest of Dress Rosa, turning everything into strings. This is followed by an attack called “Flap Thread”, which throws thousands of threads at Luffy, one of which is able to break through his armor haki and thus pierce the rubber boy. Slammed into the King’s Plateau, Luffy takes another hit, but is still standing after this one. He recalls a conversation with Silvers Rayleigh during his two years of training, shortly after he developed Gear 4. In it, he revealed that his Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun was ineffective against an animal islander even larger than the usual, at which point the “Dark King” suggested he come up with another method, as Gear 4 was taxing his body too much. As his supporters’ powers dwindle at the birdcage, Luffy switches back to Gear 4 mode to go for his knockout punch. He leaps high into the air, where Flamingo, certain of his victory, unceremoniously follows him. Finding himself above his foe, Luffy suddenly inflates his arm infused with haki muscles, much like Gear 3! Based on this, he now goes for the so-called Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun, which Doflamingo in turn counters with “Kumo no Sugaki” as well as his powerful attack “God Thread”! However, Luffy’s attack is so powerful that it simply cuts through the threads, sending Flamingo hurtling frantically towards the ground and finally impacting so devastatingly that the entire island is affected by it!!!! As the broken glasses of the Samurai of the Seas fall to the ground, Law thinks of Corazón’s words that the “D.” family is the “natural enemy of God…”


  • The following references to various countries can be seen from the cover:
  • The attacks “1000 Arrows Flapping Threads” and “16 Holy Bullets” are a reference to Chapter 763 and therefore a tribute to Doflamingo’s childhood, when the populace demanded that the Donquixotes be punished.
  • In the panel next to the one where Doflamingo’s glasses break, you can see someone from the general population wearing a t-shirt that says“MEGANE WARETAN TO CHAU“, which in Kanzai dialect means something like“At the end of the day, his glasses are broken after all„.
  • On the last page, you can see someone from the population wearing a T-shirt that says“HIDARI TE PAA“, which roughly means“My left hand is wide open„.
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