One Piece Chapter 789


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The birdcage could indeed be stopped for the time being with combined forces. In the meantime, King Riku Doldo III as well as Tank Lepanto are on site and stop the cage together with everyone else, but this will only be possible for a short time.

Meanwhile, Violet fights Donquixote Doflamingo to keep him away from Luffy, but is no match for the Samurai of the Seas. After only a short exchange of blows, Doflamingo controls the princess by means of his devilish powers, which Rebecca has to watch helplessly. To her horror, her aunt now demands that she kill her so she doesn’t have to watch someone else do it.

Meanwhile, Gatz, who left Luffy behind at Trafalgar Law, has positioned himself on a high ledge of the King’s Plateau to speak to the people of Dress Rosa via a Den-den Mushi. He now reveals to them that under Lucy’s mask was the famous pirate and hopeful Straw Hat Luffy. He also announces that the tyrant and false king Flamingo will soon fall, as Lucy has promised to defeat him with a crushing blow. The return of the “Star of the Colosseum” is now only ten seconds away!

At that moment, however, Mansherry’s devilish powers stop working, causing some of the men, including Hajrudin, Dagama, and Ideo, to collapse once again, badly wounded.

Seconds tick by as the remaining citizens and helpers try to hold the birdcage for as long as it takes, when Gatz is attacked from a distance by Flamingo and badly injured. At the same time, the waiting time streaks by!

Seeing no other solution, Rebecca attacks Viola with a heavy heart to redeem her, but her sword breaks on Monkey D. Luffy’s head! Law was able to swap his head with Violet just in time for the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates to face Donquixote Doflamingo again!!!!

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