One Piece Chapter 788


Front page request: “Perona listens gleefully to Brook’s performance (of a cursed song)” by Macaron Parfait.


As the birdcage continues to shrink, the remaining gladiators of the Corrida Colosseum, including Mummy and Damask, launch another attack against Donquixote Doflamingo to keep him away from Luffy. However, they remain no match for the Samurai of the Seas.

Meanwhile, Gatz continues to flee with Luffy on his back, when suddenly Trafalgar Law appears before him to take over Luffy’s protection personally!

The fighters, restored to strength by Princess Mansherry, have gathered behind a large barrier created by Bartolomeo and are pressing it with all their might against the birdcage to help bring it to a halt. At the same time, Mansherry uses flowers growing from her tears to heal all those inhabitants who can no longer walk due to injuries.

Hack and Usopp have also arrived downtown by now, where the “god” is calling on the populace to help his friends!

Elsewhere, Rebecca is horrified to discover that aunt Viola Doflamingo has turned herself in to stop him!

Meanwhile at the Smile Factory: Franky and the Dwarves are still bracing the factory against Doflamingo’s tech; likewise, Zoro, Kinemon, and Kanjuro are facing the cage with their haki enhanced weapons. That’s when Fujitora suddenly appears and slams his sword against the strings as well. Inspired by this, moreover, the rest of the marines decide to help push the Smile factory, as does the entire population of Dress Rosa. Hundreds of people appear at both the factory and Bartolomeo’s barrier, all eager to join forces against their tormentor. Together they push against the birdcage when it actually stops! Only a moment later, however, it moves again, which is why everyone mobilizes their forces once more to repeat what they’ve just done and thus stall for time!

Flamingo’s deadline has passed and all the citizens are gathered in close quarters, but the cage has not yet been completely contracted, contrary to his prediction. Time until Luffy’s regeneration: one minute…


  • The title has nothing to do with Adolf Hitler’s book My struggle. Its title in Japanese is Wa Ga Tousou (我が闘争).
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