One Piece Chapter 787


Front page request: “Zoro, wearing a Happi and Tenugui, plays Taiko with some bears” by Masao.


After Sabo was able to fend off Jesus Burgess’ attack on Luffy and Gatz, he now wants to take care of the Blackbeard pirate for his little brother so that he can continue on his way and get the time he needs to defeat Donquixote Doflamingo. This won’t allow him to help him fight the Samurai of the Seas himself, though, which doesn’t bother Luffy. As the rubber boy continues to flee, Burgess attacks Sabo with his “Galleon Lariat” attack, which the revolutionary easily dodges using his newfound devil powers. He then counters with his newly developed technique “Flaming Dragon’s Claw Fist: Fire Flame Dragon King”, which hits his opponent hard and sends him crashing into a distant house.

Meanwhile, Gatz continues to carry Luffy on his back to avoid Doflamingo when the Corrida Colosseum announcer notices explosions at his back. Flamingo is not far behind them and easily takes out the gladiators standing in his way with his powers. Furious, he demands that Luffy show himself and stand for battle.

Meanwhile, at the Smile Factory, Zoro has confronted the birdcage and is trying to stop it with his swords. Kinemon and Kanjuro think this is futile, however Zoro urges them to help him instead of being so pessimistic. Franky also wants to buy his captain and all of Dress Rosa more time, which he and the dwarves use the factory made of sea stone to do. Since it is indestructible, they push the entire building against the strings of the cage to stop its movement.

Elsewhere, near the plateau, some of the inhabitants are about to reach the palace, as it is the safest place at the moment, but Donquixote Doflamingo’s men block their way. They are suddenly surprised by Bartolomeo, Kyros and the once defeated fighters of the tournament, who are able to fight again because they have been healed by Princess Mansherry.

Doflamingo also gets wind of all these efforts to resist in the inner city, which is why, to everyone’s horror, he shrinks the birdcage even faster. There are now only three minutes left until total annihilation! Time until Luffy’s recovery: four minutes…

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