One Piece Chapter 786



After his mighty Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka, the people of Dress Rosa rejoice at Luffy’s achieved victory over Donquixote Doflamingo. However, as the Straw Hat, as well as Trafalgar Law, are the first to notice, the birdcage is still there, which must mean that the battle is not yet over. Before Luffy can attack again, however, he suddenly loses his Gear 4 powers, having used up all his Haki. Gasping and exhausted, he collapses to the ground, prompting Jesus Burgess to make his way from the palace to downtown as quickly as possible. To the horror of all present, Doflamingo begins to move again at that moment, slowly floating from the royal plateau in Luffy’s direction. Meanwhile, Gatz has appeared at Luffy’s place, who has also had enough of Flamingo’s reign of terror. He therefore wants to help Luffy, whereupon the pirate captain reveals that his new Gear 4 technique has used up his Haki. It would take ten minutes to regenerate, after which he would be able to take down Doflamingo for good. On this promise, Gatz boldly mobilizes the remaining gladiators of the Corrida Colosseum who had not previously participated in the fight, including Mummy, Meadows, and Rolling Logan, to stand in Donquixote’s way. Gatz himself grabs the rubber boy to keep him safe for the time being, when all of a sudden Jesus Burgess jumps in to kill the weakened Luffy. However, this is prevented by Sabo, who appears on the scene and kicks Burgess in the face…!


  • A fleeing resident wears a T-shirt with a flower and the inscription “RE LAW”. This is one of those typical situational shirts where you have to think a little around the corner. “Flower” reads “HANA” in Japanese. Together, that makes “HANARELAW.” Since “LAW” is pronounced more like “LOW/ROW” in Japanese, this Japanese gag can be resolved as “HANARERO,” which means “GET OUT OF HERE FAST!”
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