One Piece Chapter 783


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 27: “May I accompany you?”.
Wadatsumi wants to accompany Jinbe on his continued journey.


Dress Rosas Royal Palace: Donquixote Doflamingo and Luffy manage to dodge Trébol’s explosion, while Nico Robin, Kyros, Leo, Mansherry, Rebecca and Kabu stare in shock at the rising flames from the sunflower field. Leo wonders if they should rush to help, however Kyros denies this. Robin adds that they would merely be a hindrance and points out the poor condition of Trafalgar Law, who suddenly sees the group fleeing the explosion in Luffy’s arms. At shouts, the Straw Hat throws his comrade-in-arms down from the palace, along with his severed arm, to get him out of the fray. Visibly shocked at Law’s injuries, Robin cushions his fall with “Spider Net”, but Doflamingo intends to prevent this with Tamaito. With a Gomu Gomu no Hawk Whip, Luffy slows down the Samurai of the Seas, but is unable to avert the thread balls (Tamaito) towards the sunflower field. Cavendish stands protectively in the way for it, deflecting the attack with Precious Metal Axe. The Pirate Prince wonders why Doflamingo hasn’t been defeated yet, whereupon Luffy instructs him to get everyone to safety. Annoyed, he objects, saying his vanity dictates that he raise his sword against the enemy captain, but Luffy tells him he trusts him to protect the others. Since Prince “Vain” now believes that the Straw Hat is a fan of his because he trusts him, which is based on his supposed popularity, he gives in to the request.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Robin group rallies around Law and Leo gets ready to reattach the arm before Mansherry can use her healing powers. However, Rebecca intervenes and indicates they should follow Lucy’s request to leave the sunflower field first. They then carry the badly wounded Law towards level four, where they could make their escape with the help of Bartolomeo and his devil powers. Trafalgar Law, however, begs the pirate prince to leave him lying there so that he can see Luffy’s victory with his own eyes or, if defeated, die with him. In the end, Cavendish complies with this request. Meanwhile, on the palace, Doflamingo dodges a Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum, whereupon Luffy takes the next hard hit. Donquixote Doflamingo then amuses himself by saying that time is running out for the Straw Hat Pirate and soon all the inhabitants will be dead. In his opinion, none of this would have had to happen if Luffy had never come into his territory, and now he would only be in his way. Luffy retorts that it is Doflamingo who is standing in his way. He had made his friends cry and his companions angry, but he was still standing and thus he and his birdcage were in the way. Saying that no one should die anymore, Luffy sets to his latest technique: Gear 4!!!

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