One Piece Chapter 782


Jinbe’s Lonely Voyage of the Sea Knights, Part 26: “Now for a Feast”.
Wadatsumi, the sea monsters and the others are having a party.


After Luffy stopped Donquixote Doflamingo as he was about to deliver the death blow to Trafalgar Law, the Samurai of the Seas now tries again and again Luffy also goes for a fierce kick, with the two opponents’ king hakis clashing powerfully. This reminds Trébol of how he once instructed the still young Doflamingo, telling him of the possibilities of the haki and also handing over his devil fruit. He is therefore certain that no one could ever defeat his captain, as he is the embodiment of madness and wrath. Luffy, however, is not intimidated and proceeds to launch more haki attacks until he is finally able to actually hit his opponent in the pit of the stomach. This is followed by several more punches, including a powerful Gomu Gomu no Eagle Bazooka. In return, Donquixote gives him a strong kick which sends the rubber boy over the edge of the palace. This, in turn, is used by Trébol to “trap” the Straw Hat using his glue so that Flamingo has a clear path to Law. To the struggling Luffy, Trafalgar then says that he shouldn’t bother: the fact that he almost sat on the heart throne of the Donquixote Pirates and thus joined those bastards repulses him. Very angry about this, Trébol interferes again and covers Law in glue as well. He recalls how the elite officers took Flamingo in at the time and pledged themselves to their future king, to which Law, however, only calls him a stupid puppet of Flamingo. As punishment for this insult, Trébol now wants to set fire to his highly flammable glue, however Trafalgar only wanted to lure him towards him in the first place. He creates a space in a flash and with his index finger brings his severed arm, which still holds his sword, towards him. The now unprotected and completely surprised Trébol finally slashes his belly upwards. Near death, the officer uses his last strength to ignite the glue, causing a huge explosion at the top of the palace plateau…

Charisma of evil: “Char isma” (Karisuma) is also a loanword in Japanese, which besides its actual meaning “someone has charisma” in the sense of, someone would be “charismatic”, is mainly used as a buzzword in the usage “someone is a charisma ” in the sense of the meaning “superstar/celebrity” in Japanese usage, which does not necessarily include, that person would be charismatic at the same time. Therefore, Flamingo’s epithet Ornans should rather be read as“superstar of evil„.

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